ASPC Commissioner of Communications Resigns

Jesse Pollak PO ’15 is resigning as Commissioner of Communications for the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC), according to an e-mail students received Monday from ASPC President Sarah Appelbaum PO ’13. ASPC will appoint a replacement.

“I decided to step down because I felt like I had too many other commitments to do a good job as Commissioner of Communications,” Pollak wrote in an e-mail to TSL. “Therefore, I decided that rather than do a bad job, I’d give someone else a chance to do a great job.”

Pollak is a computer science major currently working on a startup business and planning a Claremont Colleges hackathon as well as the 5Cs’ first “Startup Awareness Week.”

The Commissioner of Communications is responsible for overseeing the various media-related organizations on campus, helping maintain and develop the ASPC website and addressing the needs of student organizations.

Normally, the position is elected, but the ASPC constitution states that the Senate can decide whether to hold an election or open an application process to fill a vacated position.

“We decided to go the application route because we were wanting the process to be as quick as possible, and we also feared low voter turnout, especially considering the relatively low turnout with four positions in the fall,” Appelbaum wrote in an e-mail to TSL.

Appelbaum’s e-mail to the Pomona College student body stated that there is no application deadline, but that priority will be given to earlier applicants because the Senate hopes to fill the position quickly.

“We feel that it would be beneficial to the student body that the position be filled as soon as possible, so we wanted to be sensitive to how quickly each process would be,” wrote ASPC Vice President for Finance Faye Wang PO ’13 in an e-mail to TSL.

According to Appelbaum, Pollak will remain in the position until the Senate selects a viable replacement.

“We’re currently forming the subcommittee to review applicants, but the whole Senate will make the final decision about which candidate is chosen,” she said.

An earlier version of this article misstated the name of the ASPC Vice President for Finance. She is Faye Wang, not Faye Jones. We regret this error.

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