Senate Briefs 9/19/11

ASPC (hearts) TSL

First order of business: President Nate Brown ’12 petitioned sign-ups for weekly TSL opinion pieces to be written by current senators. The opinion pieces would be 600-800 words long on the senators’ positions, their goals and accomplishments on Senate, or any topic regarding ASPC affairs or issues that draw their attention (the list is short indeed). Naturally, many senators eagerly volunteered for the week of October 15, but were persuaded to take other shifts after Commissioner of Communications Will Mullaney ’12 reminded them that TSL does not print an issue during Fall Break.

Democracy In Action

Fall elections for the four open Senate seats were held from 9 p.m. on Monday until 9 p.m. on Tuesday. Senior Class President Carrie Henderson ’12 proved her overwhelming enthusiasm to participate in the democratic process during Monday’s meeting: “Wait, that’s today?” Also on the record: Commissioner for Academic Affairs Will Gamber ’13 was fortunately available to run the poll station Tuesday night outside of Frary because he dropped choir. See what politics makes you do, Mr. Gamber?

Line ’em up, knock ’em down

Senators nominated and approved committee appointees to their respective departments. To the Reserves, Investments, and Oversights Committee (RIOC): Jenny Hebein PO ’12, Logan Galansky ’14, and Shiwei Zhang ’14; to the Senior Class Event/Project Committee: Libby Kokemoor ’12, Nicole Holsted ’12, Ellie Shanholt ’12, and Adrienne Stormo ’12; to the Environmental Quality Committee (EQC): Adam Long ’13, Kelly Murphy ’12, Wesley Quevedo ’14, Emma Fullem ’14, and George Price ’15. Apparently, some of the new appointees to the EQC hope to focus on “edible” landscaping, which, much to the disappointment of some senate members, was not what they thought it was.

Would you like some TSL with your latte?

The Senate briefly brainstormed ideas to make better use of the cavernous Walker Lounge. President Brown reminded Senate, “Nothing is finalized, but everything is on the table,” inspiring fellow ASPC members to delve deep into their imaginations. The results were two ingenuous ideas: 1) build a café, or 2) move TSL into the lounge and build a café in the Fishbowl. Umm…

Brown’s Bin Ladin

Half an hour into the proceedings of Monday’s meeting, for what appeared to be the first time in recent history, President Brown admitted that the ASPC was “in the very, very odd position of running ahead of schedule.” Thus, by Executive Order, Brown motioned to assassinate the remaining minutes until a scheduled budget hearing. Said Brown, “We have some time to kill.”

“And I’ll Eliminate Healthcare…”

Although no candidates were deemed guilty of breaking campaign rules, Junior Class President Drew DiPalma ’13 noted during a discussion break that a handful of candidates were making ludicrously ambitious, but not false, claims in their platforms. Some of the campaign promises included renovating the (brand-new) ASPC website, increasing intramural sports funding, and moving Snack to South Campus, among other ideas. Unfortunately, many of the promises named were by no means under the jurisdiction of the offices that these candidates were running for, or (as in the case of the website), they were redundant. Personally, though, I don’t think they were ambitious enough. Pony rides between the 5Cs would have definitely gained more votes.

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