Women’s Union Launches New Fellowship Program

The Women’s Union (WU) at Pomona College has launched a program that allows student fellows to pursue projects sponsored by the WU.

Before the program was created, only paid staff members were allowed to host events or work on projects sponsored by the WU.

“In the past, we’ve had students approach us who were interested in getting involved with the WU community, liked the programming we did, but couldn’t become a staff member, whether it didn’t fit in their work-study or they just had other commitments,” said Quinn Lester PO ’13, a co-facilitator of the WU this semester.

The new fellowship program allows students to contribute to the WU’s programming without being hired to work regular shifts at the WU.

“Fellows are expected to take on a larger project, outside of just event planning, that is more of a semester-long project in something they’re particularly interested in, connecting the WU to other areas of the community,” Lester said.

Projects planned for the semester include hosting a series of student panels and creating a documentary on undocumented women.

“I hope this new fellowship program helps further the WU’s mission statement both by creating a better, more inclusive community and by getting people to devote time to further the WU as an organization,” said Hannah Yung PO ’13, the other co-facilitator of the WU this semester.

The fellowship program was piloted during spring semester of last year, but the application process was formalized and the program now has a clearer structure, Lester said.

The WU will continue to plan more programs to spread awareness of women’s issues. For example, the WU is continuing its Thursday Noon Lunch series, which will include discussions on topics ranging from the “war on women” to getting into graduate school, Yung said. 

Other planned events include spoken-word performances, as well as a festival celebrating women in art and music.

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