Pomona Fraternity Parties Cancelled After Farm Damage

Three Pomona fraternity parties were cancelled this week due to an investigation into damage at the college’s Organic Farm.

The weekly Wednesday night party Pub, held in Doms Lounge and sponsored by Pomona’s Kappa Delta fraternity, was cancelled, as was the mixed-gender Greek organization Nu Alpha Phi’s Friday Wash party at the Sontag Greek Theater. The tri-fraternity party “Life’s a Beach,” scheduled for Saturday, will also be cancelled, wrote Assistant Director of the Smith Campus Center (SCC) John Lopes in an e-mail to TSL. Associate Dean of Students and Director of the SCC and Student Activities Christopher Waugh is investigating last week’s damage at the Farm.

“I cannot discuss specifics due to the ongoing investigation, but I can say that evidence has been presented that strongly suggests the two fraternities violated College rules and regulations,” Lopes wrote. “Based on the severity of the incidents and a desire to help the chapters focus on moving forward, I felt the best decision was to suspend their social events pending the completion of the investigations.”    

The weekly parties will be suspended until the investigation is complete, Lopes wrote.

“I’m currently conducting interviews and gathering facts in this early stage of the investigation,” Waugh wrote in an e-mail to TSL. “That said, I am working to move quickly in the investigation, as the Farm is an important aspect of the Pomona College and CUC communities.”    

While Waugh is handling the investigation, Lopes is responsible for policy enforcement.    

“In my position as assistant director of the Smith Campus Center, it is my role to support Pomona fraternities,” Lopes wrote. “The decision to cancel the events for the time being was made by me in this capacity.”    

The damage at the Farm has affected sustainability practices at Pomona and may cause classes to be cancelled.    

“The vandalism significantly disrupted the regular activity of the Farm this week, including regular composting and the likely cancellation of a number of planned academic and programmatic sessions and workshops,” Waugh wrote.


TSL would like to clarify that according to Waugh Nu Alpha Phi is not implicated in the investigation into damage at the Organic Farm.

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