Pitzer Financial Aid Officer Appointed to National Committee

Pitzer College Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid Yvonne Gutierrez-Sandoval PZ ’03 has been appointed to represent non-profit private four-year colleges on the national Student Loan Negotiated Rulemaking Committee. 

The committee creates and modifies regulations for student loans. The members are currently considering easing loan repayment requirements for students who graduate and work in non-profit organizations. Gutierrez-Sandoval said that these new regulations will take effect July 1, 2013, provided that committee members reach agreement on all of the proposals under consideration.

“We want to better prepare students, to make sure they have the necessary tools and knowledge of what their options are” regarding student loan payment plans and policies, Gutierrez-Sandoval said. “My main focus, and the focus of the whole committee, is always putting students first.”    

The committee includes representatives of state attorney generals, loan collection agencies, students, U.S. Department of Education officials and financial aid administrators such as Gutierrez-Sandoval.    

Gutierrez-Sandoval is the former president of the California State Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, which nominated her to serve on the loan committee.    

She credits her education at Pitzer for preparing her to work on the national committee.    

“My training as a Pitzer student was probably the most beneficial [preparation for work] because it would allow you to take a particular issue and hear different perspectives,” Gutierrez-Sandoval said. “The committee is made up of a lot of different people.”    

Gutierrez-Sandoval started working at the Office of Financial Aid while studying sociology at Pitzer and “never left the Pitzer bubble.”    

“Yvonne will benefit from her experience with the Negotiating Committee in terms of professional experience and knowledge and the Negotiating Committee, in turn, will benefit from her expertise as a practicing financial aid administrator with day-to-day responsibility for federal student loans at Pitzer,” said Director of Financial Aid Margaret Carothers. “Yvonne is a wonderful representative of Pitzer and does us proud with her commitment to this prestigious appointment.”    

“She is very connected to all of the financial offices at the Claremont Colleges, so the consortium as a whole will benefit,” said Pitzer Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid Angel Pérez.

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