Comedian Ansari to Perform at Bridges in April

This week, the 5C Activities Committee received confirmation that comedian Aziz Ansari will be performing at Big Bridges on Thursday, Apr. 14.

According to Assistant Director of the Smith Campus Center and Student Programming Ellie Ash, who is on the 5C Activities Committees, the Committee is made up of student program directors across the 5Cs. The Committee is responsible for coordinating a number of the large 5C events, including concerts, stand-up shows and the annual Turf Dinner.

The committee had worked for a while to bring a comedian this semester, and had originally hoped to get Gabriel Iglesias. According to Ash, after Iglesias rejected the Committee’s offer, CMC Director of Student Activities Jim Nauls, suggested going after Ansari.

Since the committee does not have any allotted money for these events, Ash explained that the goal is simply to break even.

“Usually these guys go for about 40 or 50 thousand dollars,” Ash said. “Big Bridges seats 2,400 and if we sell 1,900 to 2,000 we’ll break even. If we sell out, there’s usually a little profit margin of a couple thousand dollars, which we can use for later events.”

While the Committee’s events target both 5C students and the general public, Ash explained that the emphasis is placed on the students.

“The goal is always student program,” Ash said. “If it’s going to be 80 percent people from the community and 200 students, we’re not interested.”

Vice President for Campus Life and Activities Frank Langan echoed this sentiment.

“One of the things we’ve been trying to emphasize both at CCLA and the 5C Activities Committee is keeping our hand more on the pulse of Pomona College,” Langan said. “Aziz Ansari is who’s hot right now, he’s who people are listening to.”

Tickets for the event will go on sale Mar. 7 for 5C students and will be available to the general public Mar. 14. 5C students will be able to get their tickets at a discounted price of $20, while non-students will have to pay $40.

According to Ash, each school reserved a number of seats closer to the stage, which they will sell first. Pomona and Harvey Mudd students can purchase these tickets at the Big Bridges box office. The other three schools will sell them through own activities’ box office. The remaining tickets will all be sold through the Bridges box office.

Ash added that the schools are going to conduct a raffle for seats located in the orchestra pit directly in front of the stage, as they did when Russell Peters performed.

“With Russell Peters, that meant he talked to you and mocked you,” Ash said. “I don’t know [Ansari’s] material as much, so if you’re afraid of that you might want to watch him on YouTube first.”

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