South Campus Trespasser Arrested

Claremont police arrested an intoxicated man after he entered Pomona’s Mudd residence hall on Jan. 27, inquiring about an ex-girlfriend.

Two students initially denied him access to the building and immediately contacted Campus Safety, who arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

“I would guess that some other students carelessly let him in,” said Resident Advisor Jessica Valenzuela PO ’12.

“The trespasser did not have a key to gain access to the residential unit, and no signs of forced entry were discovered,” Director of Campus Safety Shahram Ariane said. Ariane advised that students report any malfunctioning locks immediately, and that they keep their own doors locked at all times.

“It’s somewhat disconcerting that such a person was able to gain access to the residence hall, even when people have been increasingly cognizant of safety concerns,” said Brendan Folan PO ’13, a sponsor in Mudd 1 Back, the hall that the trespasser entered.

The man knocked on a student’s door around 11:30 p.m., asking if she knew where to find his girlfriend, who had lived in the room two years earlier. The student did not let the man into her room.

“He was visibly drunk, and possibly high,” said Folan. “Needless to say, this alarmed my sponsee, but she kept her composure.”

The first-year led the man out of the building, and Claremont police officers arrested him in the Mudd-Blaisdell courtyard. This was not his first trespassing offense.

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