Senate Briefs 11/29/10

Coup de Aussie

As the gathered senators looked around the table, they quickly realized that their almost always-punctual president, Stephanie Almeida ’11, was nowhere to be found. Vice President Cosimo Thawley ’11 immediately took advantage, using the opportunity to rally support for him taking over the presidential duties. The plan was soon thwarted, however, when Almeida strolled in and banged her gavel at 5:19 p.m. Perhaps sensing the spirit of revolution, Almeida banged her gavel once more, just to remind everyone who was in charge.


As the senators discussed the idea (proposed by Vice President for Campus Life and Activities Frank Langan ’11) to put a TV in Doms Lounge, Commissioner of Sports and Clubs Ari Filip ’12, mentioned the potential destruction that could occur to the TV in there. “There are a lot of parties in Doms,” Filip said, probably referring to his fraternity’s weekly “Boot” party. “Things can get pretty crazy in there when alcohol is being served,” Filip explained. Clearly, Filip has never been to TUB.

Useless space

North Campus Representative Amal Karim ’11 updated the senate on her Resident Hall Committee. One of the projects that the group is looking into, Karim explained, is creating a “coffeehouse” space on Pomona’s campus, similar to Scripps’ Motley. While Karim explained that they are considering a number of spaces, one place that she expressed as ideal was the space in Walker currently inhabited by The Student Life. Senior Class President Meredith Willis ’11 could barely contain her enthusiasm for this proposal.

If you want it done right…

After Langan arrived, the conversation shifted back to the TV in Doms. After explaining his vision for the TV, Langan expressed his support for a committee that could pursue the matter further. As the senators waited for an official motion, Almeida decided to jump in: “So,” she said to Langan, “are you motioning to….” Quickly, Langan got the cue. “Yes,” he exclaimed. “I motion to have a TV…” Almeida jumped in again, “…to create a committee…” “Right,” Langan said, correcting himself once again. “To create a committee to look into putting a TV in Doms.” Almeida nodded approvingly and awarded Langan a gold star.

No animals were harmed in our studying

Later, Langan updated the senate on the CCLA. One of the upcoming events, Langan explained, is the traditional “animals on the lawn,” in which students are encouraged to play with animals to help distract them from finals. Sophomore Class President Charley Vallejo-Anderson interjected, expressing concern over the event’s morality. Langan, however, had done his research: “The company we use is well respected company that ensures their animals are treated well,” he explained. He then added, “Believe me, we consider these things. That’s why we shied away from the Penguin Rental idea.” Actually.

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

Langan concluded his update by explaining the upcoming Yule Ball. Although it was originally created as a Pomona-only event, Langan explained, they have changed it to allow other students in, but only as Pomona students’ dates. “Maybe this will make us more desirable,” Junior Class President Carrie Henderson quipped. One wonders why Carrie would worry about a date, when fresh-faced former South Campus Representative Jeffrey “Free Love” Levere ‘12 will presumably be pulling out all the stops on Saturday night.

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