Senate Briefs 11/12/10

Blind Luck Pomona’s Vice President for Technical Advancement Christopher Ponce began the meeting with a summary of the college’s new Daring Minds campaign. Part of this campaign, Ponce explained, involved choosing current students to represent the school. Ponce quickly added that this decision process was “thoughtful, but random,” noting that “anyone from the college could have done it.” Pomona students seem to have borrowed this careful method of selection in choosing their Vice President of Finance.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it While Ponce explained the college’s efforts to attract donations from alumni in other countries, he informed the Senate that although China currently holds the most Pomona alumni outside the United States, the college is more focused on its older alumni in London. “Look, I don’t mind going to Shanghai,” Ponce said. He then paused before adding, “…again.”

Silent Protestor After a Pitzer student representative for this weekend’s annual Reggae Fest addressed the Senate to explain the festival’s request for $1,000 from ASPC, Commissioner of Communications Alex Rudy motioned to vote on the request. All of the Senators happily voted to approve the request except for Senior Class President Meredith Willis, who abstained from voting, perhaps hoping to avoid being ridiculed by The Student Life.

It’s Good to be the King While Secretary Nikki Redford ’13 went over the minutes from last week’s meeting, the conversation quickly devolved into a discussion of problems with the North Campus clock tower’s bell. ASPC President Stephanie Almeida ’11 quickly pounded her gavel, almost as excessively as the bell’s 33 chimes.

Sheep to the Slaughter The conversation then turned to on-campus housing. South Campus Representative Ian Gallogly ’13 pointed out that next semester there will be an abundance of open rooms on campus, with more students going abroad than coming back. Associate Dean of Students Neil Gerard confirmed this fact, and then mentioned that students from Scripps will most likely be occupying some of these rooms. With so many Scrippsies concentrated on our campus, are we really surprised to see certain alumni returning to their old stomping ground this week?

Party Problems Before the meeting was brought to a close, Gallogly asked if ASPC could address the problem of over-crowdedness at 5C parties, in light of the recent Eurotrash and Harwood Halloween parties being cut short. Vice President for Campus Life and Affairs Frank Langan ’11 quickly jumped in to explain that the problem is with a small number of students, and there is not really a solution that ASPC can provide. The Student Life, however, does have a solution: Go to TUB.

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