ASPC Website Updates Will Improve Efficiency

The Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) has updated its website to improve its performance and to simplify the task of managing the website.

The updated site will run on the Content Mangament System WordPress. According to Alexander Rudy PO ‘11, a Content Management System “abstracts away the duty of programming from the task of writing the website, so that changes can be made to the website on short notice without programming from scratch.”

Among the problems fixed by this update is the inefficiency in communication between members of the student Senate and the ASPC website.

“There was a lot of friction between the senators wanting to update a notice and that getting done because somebody had to e-mail the Webmaster. You could never do things on any sort of reasonable time scale,” Rudy said.

Now, every ASPC senator has a personal account on the website and can update and make changes easily. In addition, course reviews and Connection 47 have been repaired to make them run more smoothly.

It had been rumored that Connection 47 would be expanded to the other 5Cs, but as of now this expansion has not taken place. ASPC is currently discussing such a change with the Registrar.

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