Senate Briefs 11/1/2010

The Pomona Grading Scale

Environmental Affairs Commissioner Nate Wilairat ’11 started the meeting with a summary of the recently released College Sustainability Report Cards. Pomona, Wilairat explained, was one of a handful of schools to receive an “A” grade in 2011. However, Wilairat quickly added that the college’s energy use climbed for the 10th consecutive year, and the grades given out by the report are more reflective of schools’ efforts than actual results. Clearly, the Report is part of the English Department.

Ain’t no party like a Pomona Party

Vice President of Campus Life and Activities Frank Langan ’11 explained the upcoming event to celebrate the inaugural ringing of the Smith Clock Tower Bell on Nov. 4. Following the ringing at precisely 5:47 PM, the event will turn in to an all-out rager, with Flavor Flav clock necklaces, music by DJ Langan, and clock games. RAs will of course be on site, as the event is certain to attract the crazy partiers who would otherwise be at TUB.

Business and Pleasure

Before updating the Senate on the Student Affairs Committee, President Stephanie Almeida ’11 whipped out her ASPC binder, equipped with several manila section-separators. “That’s quite organized,” Vice President of Finance Cosimo Thawley ’11 said. Almeida quickly asked, “Where’s your binder, Cosi?” Red-faced, Thawley slowly slumped back in his chair to resume his research of the San Francisco Giants.

And they said chivalry was dead

In a true act of kindness, Langan motioned to switch the order of the agenda to allow Sophomore Class President Charley Vallejo-Anderson to go before him. The impetus for this motion, Langan explained, was that his CCLA update was going to be quite long, and he didn’t want to make Anderson stay for it. After the motion passed, Anderson updated the Senate on his committee. Langan then gave his update on CCLA, for which Anderson was, of course, forced to sit through. Well, it’s the thought that counts.

2,000 – 1,500 = ? (Punched cop)

Langan then turned to last Saturday’s Harwood Halloween event. Langan explained that the school handed out 2,000 “fast-pass” bracelets the day of the event, which was held in a parking lot with a maximum capacity of 1,500. After the parking structure reached capacity, security was forced to stop letting people in, creating a line that eventually became rowdy. “We now realize that we should have given out tickets,” Langan conceded. He did note, however, that “the people inside seemed to really like the party.” Indeed, it appeared that once inside, many students were Ecstatic to be there.

Talking Heads And Networking

Langan then explained the upcoming event being held by Senior Class Representative Meredith Willis. The event, held in Doms Lounge, will be an opportunity for current seniors to meet with recent alumni about life after college. Although the committee had been hoping to get alumni who could talk about their experiences in the workforce, the only ones they could find are currently unemployed. So, if you know of an employed alumnus who likes to party in Doms and still reads The Student Life, please contact us immediately.

I know where you sleep

As she wrapped up the meeting, Almeida urged the senators to sign up to give an update on their committees, reminding them that she knows exactly who has not gone yet. Almeida officially closed the meeting at 6:04 p.m., but not before conducting an all-senate rendition of “happy birthday” for Commissioner of Communications Alex Rudy ’11. Ahh, Democracy.

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