Faculty Briefs 11/3/10

Focus on me, not your lunch…

President Oxtoby forcefully called the meeting to order at 12:02. The faculty slowly settled to order, although the ruffling of lunch bags could still be heard. He then asked the faculty to approve the minutes from the previous meeting, which they did unanimously.

PSU would have been disappointed

Oxtoby then asked Dean of the College Cecilia Conrad to present to the faculty. Conrad first observed that the faculty meeting was rather poorly attended, with only a sparse audience in Rose Hills Theater. Conrad then mentioned the Educational Effectiveness Report that will be presented as part of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation process.

The Faculty can make QUIPs, too.

Conrad moved on to discuss QUIP, a proposal for a new Quantitative Learning Center. In a forceful statement of support of such a center, Conrad said that they would begin the “investigation of some ways in which we might be able to begin to launch this center sooner rather than later.” Conrad then mentioned that the consortium was starting a search for a new VP for Library and Information Services, and that Professor of History Gary Kates would be representing the faculty to the consortium, with (surprisingly) Derek Schaible PO ’11 representing the students’ interests in the matter.

Pitzer Aims for New Environmental Studies Center to Balance Curricular Focus

The meeting then moved on to discuss a Pitzer College proposal for a new environmental center adjacent to the Bernard Field Station. One faculty member noted that it was a little ironic that Pitzer would renovate a building on the Bernard Field Station, thus developing it further, in order to facilitate more environmental study on the property. Other faculty members were especially concerned with the location of the new environmental center. Unfortunately, Conrad’s spy satellite was over CMC and not the BFS, and so she was unable to provide the faculty with a precise location, other than that it was “east and north” of the entrance gates to the BFS.

Writing is Difficult for Faculty too.

After some more reports from Conrad, the meeting moved on to a motion from the Curriculum Committee. The committee motioned to adopt revised course descriptions for next semester for various courses. There was no discussion on the matter, so the committee may merely have been fixing the grammatical mistakes in the catalog.

Faculty Jobs Aren’t Real Jobs

Next, Conrad returned to the front to introduce CarlMartellino, Director of the Career Development Office. Conrad observed that the faculty cares to hear reports from the admissions office about incoming students, but so far had not heard from the CDO about anyone headed out the gates, and that faculty were perhaps highly unqualified to discuss career advice, as according to her husband they had “never held a real job.” Martellino spoke for a while about the current state of career development. He spoke about the impressive recruiting opportunities offered through the CDO, and students’ inability to express what they’ve learned at Pomona. The faculty agreed that collaboration between the CDO and faculty, including a better understanding of the role of the CDO in students’ experiences, was important.

Two Moments of Silence, and a Memorial

Oxtoby then opened the floor to general discussion or questions with Conrad. In the spirit of rigorous academic debate and discussion, no faculty had any questions for the president or dean, so Oxtoby remained in a slightly awkward silence. He then invited Professor James Likens to the front to give a memorial for David Alexander, President of Pomona College from 1969 to 1991. The memorial highlighted Alexander’s vision and tact in guiding the College through 20 years. The memorial ended with a minute of silence.

Finally, they can get back to their lunch.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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