Senate Briefs 10/25/10

Let’s not get too involved… Shortly after ASPC President Stephanie Almeida ’11 pounded her gavel at 5:15, signaling the beginning of Senate, Ellie Ash handed out Conflict of Interest forms for the senators to sign. The point of these forms, Ash explained, was to state for the record that the senators had no interest in the Associated Students. Apparently, this hasn’t been made clear enough already.

Smile Neil! The senators were all smiles as they decided to unanimously pass the motion made by Alex Rudy to officially begin using North Campus’ Smith Tower bell. The motion called for the bell to ring Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on the 47th minute of every hour. The only frown in the room belonged to ASPC advisor, Neil Gerard, perhaps displeased with the proposed CCLA event set to correspond with the tower’s inaugural ring: Kegger at the Klocktower.

Someone hasn’t been doing her readings… The conversation then turned back to Bob Robinson’s suggestion from two weeks ago of collapsing Flex and Claremont Cash into one entity. Senior Class President Meredith Willis quickly jumped at the opportunity to restate her point from the meeting before. Apparently, she hadn’t read The Student Life’s senate briefs from that week…

Finally, something new! Commissioner of Communications Alex Rudy proudly presented ASPC’s new website, which, to the surprise of many in the room, looked a whole lot like the old website. It appears that though the former Commissioner of Communications’ site has been officially removed, his presence still creeps in the background, much as it did in Doms Lounge.

Yeah, but do we really care what they think? Commissioner of Off-Campus Relations Jessica Deas ’11 explained to the senate her committee’s proposal to publish a new website that would allow for Pomona students to post their reviews of nearby restaurants. After one senator pointed out that this would basically be serving the same function as the already-established website Yelp, Willis pointed that “anyone from the general population can write the reviews found in Yelp.” These reviews, meanwhile, would only come from Pomona students, whose high standards include the delectable cheese-less quesadillas from the Coop and Frank’s world-renowned Vegan Sheppard’s Pie.

What about TUB? Vice President of Finance Cosimo Thawley ’11 discussed the Budget Committee’s proposal to help guide alcohol funding of fraternity-sponsored parties. Last year, Thawley explained, ASPC changed its policy to once again permit the use of ASPC funds for fraternity-sponsored parties, but without any clear guidelines. These new guidelines allow fraternities to order alcohol for co-sponsored parties. Still no word on whether the ASPC would consider contributing to the ever-popular Thursday night event.

Why am I here, again? Before giving an update on FPAC, Commissioner of Academic Affairs John Thomason, one of the group’s few student members, explained that he first had to look up what it was that FPAC did. John Thomason regrets this fact. The Student Life regrets John Thomason.

BREAKING NEWS: Pomona Students OK with A’s After concluding his discussion of FPAC, Thomason went on to explain the findings of the APC’s survey regarding grade inflation. In a shocking display of modesty, 72 percent of students who responded described grading at Pomona as either “just right” or “too difficult,” going on to explain that “our grades are high because we’re all such good students.”

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