Senate Briefs 10/11/10

How many times have I told you?! After calling the meeting to order promptly at 5:15, ASPC president Stephanie Almeida gently reminded her fellow senators to bring their binders to their weekly meetings, which a number of them had forgotten to do.

Let’s keep it PG While explaining what her office provides for each class, Holly Duncan, the Associate Director of the Alumni Office, mentioned the stuffed Cecil Sagehens they give to each sophomore to take pictures with on their study abroad. “We do ask that you keep these clean,” Duncan quickly added. “You’d be amazed by what we get when I don’t say that.” Shortly thereafter, Duncan revealed the banner for the Class of 2011, which had a striking resemblance to the logo for Corona Extra. Guess Duncan forgot to give them the “clean” memo.

Bob Robinson: Optimist Bob Robinson, Director of Facilities and Campus Services, spoke to the senate about the school’s future plans for parking on campus. In addition to the 200 spots that will become available in the new dorms’ underground parking lot, the new parking lot will offer 650 new spots. When asked if he thought this would be enough parking for the entire student body, Robinson responded, “most of the current lots are usually only half full.” Realizing that the always-cynical Vice President of Finance, Cosimo Thawley, was in the room, Robinson quickly added: “Or half empty. Depending on your outlook on life.”

That’s asking a lot of 20 year olds…. Robinson later explained a proposal to eliminate “flex” from the Pomona meal plan, in order to make it cheaper. Robinson said since Claremont Cash and Flex are essentially the same thing, they could be consolidated. But Senior Class President Meredith Willis asked, “Do we really think students have that kind of self control?” noting that many students may not be able to resist buying all the wonderful clothes options at the Coop Store, thus eliminating the funds needed for essential nutrients at the Coop Fountain.

Bells? Sick bro! After he finished, Robinson asked if any of the senators had any questions. Commissioner of Clubs and Sports Ari Filip, jumped at the opportunity: “I heard it’s possible to make the bell on North Campus ring. Is that true? Because that’d be awesome!” Unfortunately, Pauly D wasn’t there to give Filip his much-needed high five.

Bob Robinson: Badass After several minutes, President Almeida asked the senate if they could table the conversation about the bell tower for a later date. Fearing the opportunity might be lost forever, Filip asked Robinson how soon they could implement this new bell system. “We can start now,” Robinson cried out in excitement. “We don’t need to ask anybody. Let’s be rebels!”

Business as usual at the Coop Vice President of Finance Thawley introduced his proposal for the Coop Fountain’s new TV policy. The proposal calls for a limited number of news channels to be played on mute. The impetus for limiting the options, Thawley explained, is to avoid making the manager at the Coop think too much, a no-no for Coop employees.

The first rule about APC is: you do not talk about Fight Club Commissioner of Academic Affairs, John Thomason, was asked to give an update on the APC’s work this year. Thomason agreed, but warned that most of the information was confidential. “Things are going well. We’ve approved some petitions. That’s about all I can tell you.”

Sit the F**k down! As President Almeida wrapped up the meeting, Vice President Thawley began to stand during her speech. Almelda quickly put him in his place: “I have NOT closed the meeting yet, Cosi,” she reminded him. Thawley quickly slumped back into his chair. One minute later, Almelda officially adjourned the meeting.

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