Senate Briefs 10/4/10

Let the games begin

Stephanie Almeida PO ‘11 banged the gavel at 5:15 p.m. and started moderating everyone’s caucus.

I-bankers might not take vacations but we do

Dean Miriam Feldblum encouraged students to attend the Student-Trustee retreat on Oct. 15, even though it falls on the first night of Fall Break.

C2 Conrad

Dean Feldblum announced that there will be a student forum on the WASC educational review coordinated by Dean Cici Conrad in November.

SAC Attack

The Student Affairs Committee is discussing how long policy violations are kept on a student’s record and definitions of public and private space.

Still, no one knows how to find the handbook

Policy changes made in the student handbook can now be put into effect during the school year because it’s online. If only we could find it.

OCL up to its old tricks…

Pomona is now a smoke-free campus. The change had to do with LEED certification for the residence halls, which was received over the summer. The change did not go through formal channels, and no student input was considered. Umm … what?

EA Games announces “NBA Street: Claremont”

Someone complained about the raggedy basketball nets on Walker Beach to Ari Filip PO ‘12, who suggested that we install chain nets. YES!

Meredith vs. Chew

Senior Class President Meredith Willis announced plans for a senior vs. freshman water balloon fight, but noted that it would need to be made more sustainable before the battle begins.

The secret’s out of the bag

Neil Gerard decides to reveal to The Student Life that there will be free t-shirts for attendees at the Founder’s Day event. Yay!

6:03 Party

President Almeida adjourned the meeting at 6:03 p.m.

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