CUC Begins Process to Develop New Library Position

A new position at Honnold-Mudd Library, termed “Vice President for Library and IT Services,” is in the works.

According to John Beckman, Chief Administrative Officer and Vice President for Student Services of the Claremont University Consortium (CUC), the new position is “the result of strategic planning at the CUC based on best practices at libraries at comparable elite, private, liberal arts institutions.”

Bob Walton, CEO of the CUC, had been discussing the possibility of a new addition to the library’s leadership for some time. Now, Walton is working with the Academic Deans Committee (ADC) to develop a job description and plan the search for candidates.

Maureen Sullivan, an outside consultant, was hired to help develop the position and conduct the search. From Sept. 21 to 23, Sullivan visited Claremont to meet with students and Deans from all of the Claremont Colleges. John Thomason PO ’12 and Derek Schaible PO ’11 represented Pomona when she met with students Sept. 23, while two students from Scripps and three from Claremont McKenna were also in attendance.

According to Thomason, the purpose of the meetings was “to see what student needs this position could address.” He said that much of the time was spent discussing “how, why, and for what purpose students use Honnold-Mudd.”

Sullivan’s first task is to flesh out the expectations for the Vice President for Library and IT Services at the library, using her interactions with faculty, staff, and students as inspiration. Sullivan will also help engineer the search, working closely with the ADC. Once a timeline for the search and a job description have been agreed upon, Sullivan will begin the hunt for candidates.

Beckman predicted that a successful candidate would need to have “excellent communication skills and an ability to work effectively with faculty, students, and staff.” He also said that the candidate must have a “good institutional fit with the culture of The Claremont Colleges.”

Asked to picture the effect that this new position will have on the CUC, Beckman said, “the library system will continually evolve as an ‘intellectual commons’ and ‘information portal’ to meet the educational and academic needs of students as well as that of the faculty in very positive ways.”

Those involved in the search anticipate that the position will be filled by July 2011.

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