Pomona Welcomes 3 New Members to the Board of Trustees

The Pomona College Board of Trustees has elected three new members: Joel Feuer ’76, Bryan White ’84 and Reza Zafari ’82. The three began serving their terms on the board July 1 of this year.

Feuer majored in English at Pomona and served as Commissioner of Communications as well as editor of The Student Life. He currently works as a lawyer in Los Angeles.

White was an economics major as well as a member of the Sigma Tau fraternity and staff member at the college’s radio station, KSPC. He is currently the managing director of a major investment firm, BlackRock, in Seattle.

Zafari left his homeland of Iran during the overthrow of the Shah and came to Pomona, where he majored in economics. He also served as Internal Affairs Commissioner and was as a member of Dorm Council, Economics Club, International Club and Ski Club while at Pomona. He currently serves as a treasurer for the Robertson Education Empowerment Foundation in Los Angeles.

As President Oxtoby explained, the Board of Trustees tends to elect alumni who have stayed connected with the school, which all three new members have done. White served on the Pacific Basin Institute Board, of which Oxtoby is the chairman, and has been involved in some of Pomona’s international investments. Zafari served on his 20-year Reunion Gift Committee and also volunteers with the College’s Career Development Office.

Although the board does not have any explicit goals for the year, Oxtoby said that there are “a number of big items on the agenda for the year.”

The biggest is the launch of the Board’s newest comprehensive fund-raising campaign, entitled “Daring Minds,” which will begin this October. “The trustees are very involved in planning that campaign, and we are hoping they can be spokespeople for the College,” Oxtoby said.

Other things the Board hopes to accomplish this year include examining career counseling development, improving students’ post-graduation plans and setting a prudent financial plan for the next several years.

“The board does not have particular concerns [about these areas], but there is an opportunity to find ways to make them even stronger,” Oxtoby said.

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