Pub Suspended Until October

The Pomona College fraternity Kappa Delta’s weekly Wednesday-night social event, Pub, is scheduled to resume Oct. 6 after a one-month suspension. Pub was suspended for the first month of this semester due to a policy violation by the fraternity, Assistant Director of Smith Campus Center and Student Programs John Lopes said.

Lopes declined to provide further details about the disciplinary action taken against Kappa Delta, saying, “This is between the fraternity and the College.”

Responding to rumors that the policy violation had to do with hazing, Kappa Delta president Matt Jevsevar PO ’11 said, “I can assure you that is simply not the case and is very far from the truth.” Jevsevar declined to comment further.

Kappa Delta advisor and head baseball coach Frank Pericolosi echoed Jevsevar’s in saying the policy violation was “definitely not a hazing violation.” However, he declined to provide further details “because of the way things were handled between the College and the fraternity.”

“It’s definitely unfortunate that part of the colleges’ social life on Wednesday nights was shut down for a month,” Pericolosi said, “but sometimes there are consequences for behavior that’s not to the level that’s expected.” He declined to specify whether he believes the suspension of Pub was a fair consequence for violating college policy.

Kappa Delta will resume hosting Pub, which is held in Doms Lounge in the Smith Campus Center and is open to all 5-C students, starting Oct. 6.

“We look forward to seeing everyone there,” Jevsevar said.

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