Former Claremont High School Student Convicted of Rape

Former Claremont High School (CHS) student Tyler Singleton, 18, chose not to contest felony charges against him for two counts of unlawful sex with a minor, or statutory rape.

He appeared at the Pomona Superior Court on Mar. 30 for his second arraignment, after opting not to plea and waiving his right to a speedy trial at his arraignment and plea on Mar. 10.

His $100,000 bond was exonerated at that time. His sentencing is scheduled for May 5.

The felony charge was initially filed against Singleton on Mar. 9 following two incidents in Cahuilla Park, just north of CHS, during the month of January.

When he appears for sentencing by Commissioner Wade D. Olson at the Pomona Superior Court, Singleton will be subject to five years probation and between 180-365 days in a county jail.

Singleton is no longer a student at CHS, according to Claremont Unified School District Executive Director of Student Services Mike Bateman.

“The judicial process and school district discipline are not tied together,” he said. “There is a different burden on proof. What is decided at one process has no bearing on the other process. Students that are found guilty or not guilty can return to a school unless the district discipline process does not allow a student to return.”

––Compiled by News Editor Justine Selsing from an article by Natalie Limon in the Claremont High School Wolfpacket.

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