Students Will Be Charged to Use Campus Storage this Summer

Despite last week’s e-mail to the Pomona College community claiming the school would not offer any on-campus storage this summer, the Office of Campus Life (OCL) has decided to offer a limited amount of summer storage to students who opt to pay a fee.

In previous years, Pomona has given students the opportunity to store up to five boxes of belongings for free on campus over the summer.

According to Dean of Campus Life Ric Townes, the Facilities Department informed OCL last semester that they would not be able to staff campus storage this summer. OCL sent out a e-mail Apr. 8 informing students that the college would no longer be able to offer on-campus storage and that students would be required to remove all their boxes from the storage rooms by the end of the academic year.

However, after discussions within OCL over the last week, Townes said the college decided to give students the option to store items on campus this summer for a fee. Although the specific fees have not been determined, Townes estimated it will cost roughly $25 to store up to two boxes and $50 to store between three and five boxes.

In past years, students were given a six-day window to store their boxes and the option to make individual appointments for storage. This year, students will only have four days to put their belongings in storage.

Although the specific details on how storage will be run have not been decided, Townes said the Facilities Department will staff storage this May, and the college plans to hire a student workforce to man storage in future years.

Zack Mattler PO ’11 said it is inconvenient for the college to change the storage policy so close to the end of the academic year and to suddenly implement a storage fee for students.

“I always felt that the cost of storage should be reflected in our room and board fees,” Mattler said. “If we have to pay for storage, then there should be a reduction to the room and board fees.”

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