Honnold Cafe to Accept Flex

As a result of a Feb. 18 Business and Financial Affairs Committee vote, the Honnold Café will begin to accept flex dollars on a trial basis after spring break.

At the end of the semester, the Student Deans Committee will vote on whether or not to permanently accept flex as a means of payment.

The Honnold Café opened in September and, according to Claremont University Consortium (CUC) Vice President and Treasurer Ken Pifer, “fields requests to use flex dollars on a daily basis.”

Frequent café-goers said the current policy is inconvenient.

“There have been times when I haven’t been able to buy anything because I usually have more flex than Claremont Cash,” said Shannon Rhys SC’13.

“When the café opened, the point of departure was that the café would accept Claremont Cash, but would not be involved in Board Plus,” said Feldblum. “This is because CUC does not have a dining hall and does not participate in the reciprocity of all the dining halls and board programs on the undergraduate campuses. In response to student requests that Board Plus be accepted at the café, the colleges worked to see if we could make an exception.”

“The CUC supports this means of payment, provided the colleges are in agreement,” Pifer said. “Not all customers are able to provide a means of alternate payment. Clearly these students will benefit once we begin accepting flex dollars.”

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