Pomona Unveils “Daring Minds” Campaign

Pomona College plans to unveil its “Daring Minds” campaign in October 2010. This comprehensive fund-raising campaign is designed to ensure that Pomona becomes “even stronger, better, and more distinctive,” as President David Oxtoby wrote in a recent e-mail to faculty, staff, and students.

“Campaign Pomona: Daring Minds” will attempt to emphasize the “intellectual daring” of Pomona students and faculty as one of the chief characteristics of the college.

“By this,” Oxtoby wrote, “I mean their willingness to take intellectual risks in order to create something new, and their eagerness to challenge themselves… in the classroom and in their research… [and] also in their efforts to make a difference out in the world.”

The idea for the campaign had been tossed around in earlier brainstorming sessions, Pomona’s Senior Communications Director Mark Wood said, but was only officially adopted a few months ago.

“A few years ago, the College was in the midst of its Strategic Planning Process to determine its long-term, 10 year goals,” he said. “That discussion brought up the question: how do we make these things happen? …That’s the context in which ‘Daring Minds’ was born,” said Wood.

Still in development by the Office of Communications and the Office of Institutional Advancement, the project has already been busy interviewing and filming students about what the words “Daring Minds” mean to them, and how they relate it to their experience at Pomona. The campaign will be publicized through print, video and online materials, and will also feature alumni, faculty and staff who fit the description of a “Daring Mind.”

According to Oxtoby’s e-mail, the vignettes and anecdotes included in the campaign aim to “help us tell Pomona’s story to prospective donors in the most compelling way.”

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