Senate Briefs: October 27

October 27, 2009

Burritos and stuffPrior to the meeting, ASPC President Jed Cullen ’10 shared an e-mail conversation with those who had arrived early. He said he had posted on Chirps to ask if anyone wanted to pick up food for the senate orientation following the meeting. One person responded with “Chipotle” as the subject and his name as the message. Cullen emailed the person back, asking him if he was sure he could deliver the food by 5:30 p.m. The person asked if 5:45 p.m. would be acceptable, and concluded the message with, “It’s my friend’s car. Burrito for him too?”“Our two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency”Always one for efficiency, Cullen proposed the Senate begin to check the minutes from the last meeting before the meeting was called to order. All the members stared at their laptops in approval. North Campus Representative Stephanie Almeida ’11, possibly inspired by Cullen’s diet, also ate a cookies ‘n’ cream milkshake—for some reason using a spoon to do so. Apparently too fascinated by checking the minutes, Cullen missed the typical 5:10 p.m. start time, instead calling the meeting to order at 5:11 p.m. Tsk Tsk.Silly Harvey Mudd…After the senate approved the minutes, Cullen gave the floor to adviser Ellie Ash, so she could explain why the tickets for the Girl Talk concert sold out in less than a day. Ash said ASPC could allow only 1,500 people to attend the event. Ash said that, based on the funding they provided ASPC for the event, Scripps was allotted 200, CMC 300, Pitzer 200, leaving Pomona 800. Commissioner of Communications Than Volk ’10 said ASPC approached HMC for funding, but they refused because they were planning their Trick-or-Drink party for the same night. Ash pointed out that HMC had subsequently moved Trick-or-Drink to Friday night. The Senate collectively guffawed at HMC’s expense.Please Don’t Feed the SenatorsCommissioner of Clubs and Sports Rylan Stewart ’10 then returned the group to the Great Coop Arcade Debate. Based on the results of a “survey monkey” he and Commissioner of Environmental Affairs Joanna Ladd ’10 had unleashed on campus, he had determined that the plebs wanted one of the following to be installed in the Coop: more video games, arcade games (especially Dance, Dance Revolution), a television with cable, a ping pong table, air hockey, a Twister set, a “huge comfy couch,” tables, chairs, artwork, or a stage for acoustic performances. Stewart said some of the students had asked for “couches with attitude” to improve the ambience. He proposed purchasing them from thrift stores, but added, “You would probably need some artsy students; I’m not good enough at interior design.”ASPC’s Best Idea EVERCullen asked if anyone had mentioned something about a human-powered blender. Ladd said that, indeed, she had heard something about a bike rigged up to a blender that made smoothies. Ladd added that only 26 students participated in the survey she and Stewart created. South Campus Representative Jeff Levere ’12 said, “When people play video games, they generally don’t want to be seen playing video games.” Levere added that people have cable TV in their rooms. Cullen interjected “Some people do.” Levere said he knew people with cable TV in their rooms. Cullen asked, “Do you have cable TV in your room?” Levere quickly replied, “That’s irrelevant.”More Thinking About Spending MoneyStewart then said, “I almost don’t really know how necessary it is to open this up to student opinion again.” No one replied, but Ladd added that, given the economy, she thought it would be imprudent for the ASPC to be too ostentatious in spending as much as $5,000 on something like a video game system. In keeping with ASPC tradition, Volk proposed that Stewart e-mail the group the document he had compiled from the survey so they could think about it for a week.ASPC Votes Not to Vote so They can More Effectively Determine How to Let Students VoteAssociate Dean of Students Neil Gerard said he saw an advantage to going public with the top three so that when people get angry about whatever the ASPC ends up spending its money on, they will be able to say that it was not their fault. Commissioner of Academic Affairs Scott Levy ’10 proposed a gradient of like and dislike. Ultimately, the senate decided to vote on it later.The ASPC Makes it RainJed then gave the floor to Vice President for Finance Kelly Schwartz ’10, who brought forth a request of $1,678.69 for the Green Bikes program. It passed unanimously. Schwartz then proposed allotting $1,250 to Model United Nations. Commissioner on Off-Campus Affairs Hsuanwei Fan ‘10 said he had heard that last year the group was subsidized with no limit, so the students involved would eat sushi every night and get reimbursed. However, MUN is an internationally-focused club, and expensive food is practically a necessity for them. In the end, their request passed unanimously as well.Dissent ASPC styleThe senate spent the last 13 minutes or so of the meeting unanimously approving committees organized by the senators. There were only two discussions, one of which came when Levy noted that Leah Streuer ’11, was on both Almeida and Levere’s Residence Hall Committee and his Faculty Position Advisory Committee. Junior Class President Wintaye Gebru said Streuer was also on one of her committees. She is also a Head Sponsor.No Burritos…By 5:54 p.m., no one had arrived with burritos, but Cullen adjourned the meeting anyway and began the orientation.

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