Clery Reports show overall increase in reported sexual violence at the 5Cs

CW: sexual violence, sexual assault

The Claremont Colleges released their 2018 Clery Reports on crime Oct. 1, which indicated, among other statistics, an increase in reported cases of sexual violence at Pitzer College, Harvey Mudd College, and Scripps College.

Pomona College’s former Title IX Coordinator Daren Mooko explained in 2016 that an increase in reported assaults is not inherently negative. In fact, when the number of reported cases went down at Pomona in 2015, Mooko expressed concerns.

“I think we need to look at that number very critically and not jump to the conclusion that the actual number of assaults went down on campus, but rather that the number of people who’ve come forward to make a report went down,” Mooko said in 2016. “It’s that latter dynamic that’s concerning to us.”

Every college in the United States that receives federal financial aid is mandated by the Clery Act to compile and release an annual campus security report detailing the numbers of certain types of crimes reported to the college during each calendar year.

Across the 5Cs, 30 rapes and 11 cases of fondling — non-consensual touching — were reported in 2017.

The Clery Reports also indicate there were 30 burglaries, nine motor vehicle thefts, four instances of dating violence, and seven incidents of stalking reported at the 5Cs in 2017.


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