News Bites – Week of Sept. 16

Pin pad step installed as extra security at Scripps College residence halls

Scripps College residence halls now require both an ID card swipe and a personalized four-digit pin for entry.

In addition to increased entrance security, basement laundry facilities are being relocated or further secured, according to emails sent Aug. 31 and Sept. 3 by the Office of Residential Life. Student belongings stored in residence hall basements last semester can be picked up from the Sallie Tiernan Field House, where they were transported over the summer.

The Scripps Office of Residential Life did not respond to requests for comment before press time.

— Olivia Truesdale


Earthquake shakes Claremont

A 4.4 magnitude earthquake, with an epicenter in La Verne, shook surrounding cities including Claremont Aug. 28 at 7:33 p.m., according to the United States Geological Survey report. Residents as far 30 miles south and 40 miles north of La Verne felt the quake, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“I first thought it was some sort of construction because it was really loud and my room was shaking,” Chhavi Monga SC ’21 said. “It wasn’t that bad, but I was really scared.”

No injuries or damages were reported at the Claremont Colleges, according to a Campus Safety alert later that night.

— Olivia Truesdale


Pomona provides textbook reimbursements

A weekly Financial Aid Friday email from the Pomona College Office of Financial Aid advertised reimbursements for Pomona students receiving financial aid who spend over $500 per semester on textbooks, as Pomona estimates a maximum of $500 in textbook costs per semester.

“[W]e would provide Pomona Scholarship funding to cover the difference [in costs] when a student submits an appeal along with documentation of book expenses,” Robin Thompson, Pomona’s director of financial aid, wrote in an email to TSL. “This is available to students who have completed their financial aid application and are eligible to receive need-based institutional scholarship.”

The reimbursements are applied as a grant credit to student CASHNet accounts for the current semester, according to the Financial Aid Friday email.

“Financial Aid is a resource that is provided to meet a student’s full financial need,” Thompson wrote.

— Olivia Truesdale


Ofos still available for 5C students

Bikesharing company ofo will remain in Claremont this year, contrary to an email mistakenly sent out to 5C ofo users over the summer.

The bikeshare program was first launched Feb. 21 with a free trial period that allowed all 5C students to ride for free. Due to the popularity of ofo bikes, the free trial period was extended.

Ofo now costs $1 an hour, but anyone with a .edu email address can receive a 50 percent discount. Monthly pricing has not yet been launched for the new school year.

Although all 5C students can use ofo bikes, only Pomona College and Pitzer College are official partners with ofo.

“Bikes will be rebalanced to Pomona and Pitzer during the daytime about 4 days a week,” Pomona College Assistant Director of Sustainability Alexis Reyes wrote in an email to TSL.

— Jaimie Ding


Pomona prepares for extreme heat

Pomona College prepared a heat response plan in anticipation of high temperatures in the first few weeks of class, Associate Dean of Students Christopher A. Waugh wrote in an email to students Sept. 3.

Permanent air-conditioning systems were installed in Harwood Court, Wig Hall, and Smiley Hall lounges over the summer. Free hand-held misters are also available to Pomona students in the ASPC office, Waugh wrote.

If temperatures reach 100 degrees or higher for two or more days, Smith Campus Center will remain open 24-hours and cots will be placed in common air-conditioned areas for overnight accomodation. Dining halls will also be kept open later in the evenings to provide additional study spaces for students, Waugh wrote.

Of the 16 residence halls at Pomona, six have air-conditioning, six do not, and four only have air-conditioning in the lounge areas.

— Jaimie Ding

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