News Bites – Week of Oct. 28

Claremont Colleges Jewish student groups host solidarity Shabbat

5C Chabad, Claremont Hillel, Kehillah, Nishmat, AEPi, Associated Jewish Groups of the Claremont Colleges, and the Chaplains of The Claremont Colleges are partnering to host a remembrance ceremony and Shabbat dinner at Frank Dining Hall Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. in the wake of the Pittsburgh shooting.

The event is open to everyone, according to an email Dean of Students Avis Hinkson sent out to all Pomona College students on behalf of the partnering organizations.

“This week we are responding by joining together in remembrance, and a communal Shabbat dinner to lend one another support and join together against all forms of hate and violence,” the email stated.

The Shabbat dinner does not require a meal swipe and has gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and Kosher options, according to the email.

— Becky Hoving


Queer Resource Center to host town hall on transgender erasure following leaked Trump memo

The Queer Resource Center will be hosting a town hall Nov. 2 from 1-3 p.m. in response to the leaked memo from the Trump administration that outlines considerations concerning the transgender, intersex, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and genderqueer community.

In addition, the QRC, along with student organizers and the Physics and Astronomy Department at Pomona College, has invited legal counsel to discuss the legal impact such a decision could have, according to an email sent out by Manuel A. Diaz, the QRC director.

— Becky Hoving


The Golden Antlers apologizes for controversial ‘Juarez’ article

The Golden Antlers, a 5C satirical publication, published an article titled “CMC Adds Networking Trip to Juarez, Mexico” Oct. 30., receiving significant backlash from many students.

The satirical news piece was about Claremont McKenna’s Office of Student Opportunity adding Juarez, Mexico, as a location for a new spring break networking trip.

“As Juarez is becoming a massive hub for international drug smuggling, it will provide valuable hands-on opportunities for students at CMC looking to break into an emerging and competitive field,” the article stated.

Some students took issue with the article, claiming it was insensitive to the people of Juarez and the conditions they live in. Some also argued that the article was hypocritical due to the United States’ involvement with Mexico.

“Why not write an article where you make fun of your own country’s problems?” Ricardo Mateos CM ’20 wrote in a comment on the article. “I don’t know, maybe something like ‘CMC Adds [Networking] Trip to Detroit, MI.”

Jesus Munoz PO ’20, who was one of the initial and most outspoken critics, had other complaints.

“It was a privilege to live in Ciudad Juarez. I think people in my city have a much better appreciation of life than most of us—because they have seen death in the face,” Munoz wrote in a message to TSL. “I’d much rather have the privilege to live that than to live in a perpetual state of ‘privileged’ ignorance.”

The Golden Antlers issued an apology.

“As a followed publication on the 5Cs, we understand that The Golden Antlers has influence,” they wrote. “We regret speaking on a topic we are clearly not equipped to address.”

The Golden Antlers also stated they would be pausing production of new content temporarily until the end of November “to do an internal examination of how we got to this point.”

— Jensen Steady


Pomona College welcomes two new faculty members to Student Affairs

According to an email from Dean of Students Avis Hinkson, Pomona College is welcoming Mike Manalo-Pedro as the new Associate Dean and Director of the Asian American Resource Center and Daniel Caballero as the Assistant Director for First Generation Students Programs Nov. 5.

Manalo-Pedro formerly was a Community Engagement Coordinator and adjunct faculty member for the Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies. He will supercede former Associate Dean and Director of the AARC Kehaulani Vaughn.

Caballero will be the first full-time Assistant Director for First Generation Students Programs. According to Dean Hinkson’s email, Caballero aims to “continue Pomona’s commitment to supporting the unique needs of first generation and Undocumented/DACAmented students.”

— Becky Hoving


Scripps College hires new associate dean of students

Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment announced Adriana di Bartolo as the new associate dean of students for Scripps College Oct. 31 through its Facebook page.

Prior to being hired at Scripps, di Bartolo earned her doctorate and master’s degrees at Claremont Graduate University and was the founding director of the Queer Resource Center from 2011-2016. She was also the associate dean of students at Pomona College at that time.

Since 2016, she was dean of students at Vassar College and worked with the residential life and sexual assault and violence prevention offices as well as student health centers.

Di Bartolo “is a passionate voice for inclusion and equity, and a strong advocate for students,” according to the post.

She will report to Dean of Students Charlotte Johnson beginning Nov. 30.

— Olivia Truesdale


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