News Bites Week of April 7

SAS and ASPC announce election results

Scripps Associated Students and ASPC recently announced their election results, completing the 2019-20 student government election cycle.

Niyati Narang SC ’20 was elected president, Melody Chang SC ’22 was elected executive vice president, Safia Hassan SC ’21 and Grace Shao SC ’21 were elected co-treasurers and Julia Thomason SC ’22 was elected secretary, Julia Kelly SC ’21 announced in an email to Scripps College students April 5.

Most of SAS’ candidates ran unopposed, including Mabel Lui SC ’21, who will become vice president of student activities, and Elizabeth Howell-Egan SC ’22, who will become student organizations commissioner.

Daniela Altamirano-Iniestra SC ’22, Maggie Thompson SC ’20, Abigail Clarke SC ’20, Christina Catlett SC ’22 and Victoria Genao SC ’21 all ran unopposed for chair positions on SAS.

Alexandra Rivasplata SC ’22 will become sophomore class president, Shelby DeVolder SC ’21 and Alexa Sanchez SC ’21 will become junior co-class presidents and Madeline Warman SC ’20 and Nicole Pang SC ’20 will become senior class co-presidents. They were all unopposed.

Pomona College associate dean Ellie Ash-Balá announced ASPC election results in an email to students Tuesday.

Miguel Delgado-Garcia PO ’20 was elected president, Pie Kachru PO ’21 was elected executive vice president, Elli Stogiannou PO ’22 was elected vice president of campus events and Isaac Cui PO ’20 was elected vice president of academic affairs.

Amanda Mutai PO ’21, Alfredo Reyes-Guzman PO ’20, Timothy Liu PO ’22, Isabella Izquierdo PO ’20 and Nirali Devgan PO ’22 were elected to commissioner positions.

Love Chery PO ’20 was elected senior class president and Joana Rodriguez PO ’21 was elected junior class president. Khadijah Thibodeaux PO ’20, Elvis Kahoro PO ’20 and Rohan Lopez PO ’22 were elected as student representatives on board of trustees committees.

Mutai, Liu, Devgan, Rodriguez, Thibodeaux, Kahoro and Lopez all ran unopposed.

— Marc Rod


New ASHMC constitution passes, expands stipends for student officers

ASHMC executive board members will be able to receive stipends of up to $600 starting next academic year, thanks to a new student government constitution passed April 9. ASHMC’s senate will also be able to grant stipends to honor board chairs and change regulations on dorm president elections, among other new items.

The new constitution is “intended to address issues that have been brought up over the past three years, and to streamline the constitution by removing unnecessary language,” outgoing senate chair Nick Richardson HM ’20 wrote in an email to Harvey Mudd College students March 3.

The constitution revision process began in January, according to incoming ASHMC President Kyle Grace HM ’21. After it was approved by ASHMC Senate March 1, it required three-fifths of the HMC student body to respond to the vote with a two-thirds majority to pass. Disclaimer: Grace is also a TSL staff member.

Before the constitution passed, the ASHMC senate preemptively voted to give $200 stipends to the sustainability director, committee for activities planning director, clubs director, social director, diversity director and wellness director positions.

The final vote was 532 responses (exactly three-fifths of Mudd students), with 413 in favor (77.6%), 74 against (13.9%) and 45 abstaining (8.5%). It took a little over a month for the vote to reach quorum.

— Jaimie Ding

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