Meet your neighbor: Jad Gorman CM ’24

Jad Gorman CM '24 smiles to the camera.
Jad Gorman CM ’24 shares his experiences as a student designer and creator of Thirty Ninth St. Fashion. (Corina Silverstein • The Student Life)

“My design style is kind of based off of my influences from music, art and the runway fashion that I’m into. I’m trying to blend all of the subcultures that influence high fashion and explore them through my brand … I would categorize high fashion [as] clothes that aren’t simply meant to look good but are also trying to convey a message. I think that’s what blurs the line between clothes that look cool and art because when you are trying to tell a story with a collection or reference a piece or collection from the past, I think that’s when you can start making more exploratory garments that go beyond just how they can be worn in an outfit. 

It makes me really happy to see people enjoying [my fashion wear]. I’m at a point in my design career where I just want to see people enjoying the pieces, even if the brand isn’t very big … It’s a really special feeling seeing someone wear your clothes, just like how it might be for a painter to see their art [on] someone’s wall. I’ve definitely gotten even more into fashion since I came to the 5Cs through the PZ Threads fashion magazine. PZ Threads has been a really great outlet for me to meet with student designers, people who can sew and [to] learn more about fashion from other perspectives.”

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