Mudd offers students up to $2,000 worth of gifts to give up dorm room for quarantine spaces

A Harvey Mudd College sign with directions to buildings sits in a quad.
To make space for isolation housing, Harvey Mudd offered select goodies to students who volunteered to give up their rooms. (Regan Rudman • The Student Life)

What would it cost for you to give up the dorm room you drew on campus? If your price is under $2,000, then, as Harvey Mudd College residence life staff told certain students in an August 24 email obtained by TSL, “we wanted to bring forth a proposition.” 

Noting the spread of the delta variant and new local guidelines, Mudd was “trying to account for all possible scenarios” by increasing the number of on-campus rooms it could use for quarantine or isolation.

The college said it was seeking a total of four students living in suites or Jack and Jill spaces in Mudd’s inner dorms — North, South, West or East — to voluntarily relocate to a quad in Case Hall. Students were offered multiple gifts at a value of up to $2,000 per person, with the list of goodies including a TV, MacBook, Nintendo Switch, iPad and Disneyland Pass, among others.

In the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s latest guidelines for exposure management at colleges, published earlier in August, institutions are required to create “a plan for establishing spaces and housing for students to safely isolate and quarantine when needed.”

While students in single rooms may be allowed to remain in place, the department said, those in living quarters that are “not appropriate for isolation” should be housed separately, preferably in a building with its own dedicated entrances and exits and signage to separate infected residents from other students.

Case is organized by hallways, whereas suites and rooms at North, South, West and East often open directly into the outdoor courtyard.

Earlier in August, Pomona College moved juniors and seniors living on its south campus to apartments at the Oasis Commons to make room in residence halls for first- and second-years.

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