Meet TSL’s fall 2023 editorial board

Three students pose on the steps of Walker Beach.
Maxine Davey PO ’25, Mariana Duran PO ’24 and Ben Lauren PZ ’25 are leading TSL during the fall 2023 semester. (Sara Cawley • The Student Life)

Maxine Davey PO 25, Ben Lauren PZ 25 and Mariana Durán PO 24 have taken the reins at TSL for the fall 2023 semester. 

Davey, TSL’s editor-in-chief, is a politics major and English minor from Dana Point, California. She worked as a news writer and editor for TSL during her first two years at Pomona and served as the editor of her high school’s newspaper. This summer, she interned at Foreign Affairs Magazine.

“I think journalism has long been one of the best avenues with which to hold power accountable,” Davey said. “I want to take TSL in a direction that ensures it’s doing so in a way that benefits the community to the greatest extent.”

Davey succeeds Hannah Weaver SC 24, who served as editor-in-chief during the spring 2023 semester. Weaver has previously edited the Arts & Culture, News and Sports desks and is currently a multimedia editor at TSL.

“[Davey] brings an enthusiastic and can-do energy which is critical for the success of the paper and all of the staffers that make our work possible,” Weaver said.

Durán, TSL’s new managing editor of News and Opinions, interned at the Los Angeles Times this summer and at the San Luis Obispo Tribune last summer. She has worked in editing, illustration and writing roles at TSL for the Graphics, Arts & Culture and News desks. She also co-founded the paper’s Spanish translation desk.

In her new position, Durán hopes she can share the wisdom she’s gained from her experience in journalism with eager writers.

“We want to make this a space where people can grow as writers and feel a sense of community that’s positive and encouraging,” Durán said.

Lauren, the new managing editor of Sports and Arts & Culture, previously edited TSL’s Sports desk for two semesters. 

“One of my favorite things was being a mentor for writers, and now, being in a managing editor position, one of the things I’m looking to do is to foster an environment of fun and learning,” Lauren said. 

John Paul Ferrantino PO ’24 is serving as TSL’s first ever Public Editor, a role that consists of managing personnel and audience. He’ll supervise the DEI committee, multimedia desk, business affairs and paper distribution.

“I’m excited to explore new ways in which TSL can serve its employees and its community,” Ferrantino said. “With great reach comes great responsibility, and we’re trying to define what it means to be a responsible, representative media organization.”

The new editorial board is unified in their goal to expand the paper’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee (DEI). In past semesters, TSL’s DEI desk consisted of two DEI editors, but this summer the team added a DEI committee that provides more opportunities for staffers to get involved.

This fall, each desk will send representatives to weekly DEI meetings, where the team will discuss ways to find and write stories that highlight marginalized voices in the 5C community, as well as work on initiatives to make the newsroom a more diverse and inclusive environment.

The DEI initiative is meant to be both inward and outward-facing as “an internal project of making sure the people working for TSL actually feel supported in this community,” Lauren said. “Because TSL has such a strong reach to the 7C community, it’s [also] crucial for the content of our paper.”

Davey emphasized the importance of a more holistic DEI initiative in steering TSL to serve the 5Cs in the best way it can.

“We’re trying to infuse TSL with the values and practices that we know can help our community move forward,” Davey said. “I want to challenge administration, faculty and students to hold each other accountable.”

Lauren highlighted that TSL has struggled to produce inclusive and diverse content in the past, which makes the DEI committee important both now and for the paper’s future.

Another key element of this trio’s agenda is expanding creative avenues for students through the special projects and multimedia desks. Lauren brings in video production experience after an internship with MAX’IS Creations this summer, and is especially excited about upcoming multimedia content.

“We have ideas for new podcasts and hopefully some video content as well,” Lauren said. “It’s a form of journalism that we haven’t tapped into, but there’s a lot of really talented people [at the 5Cs] who are interested in doing multimedia work.”

The fall 2023 editorial board took office on May 11, 2023 and just finished working on the first of the paper’s 10 issues, which are published weekly over the course of the semester.

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