KSPC Shows You How to Write a Music Review

Have you ever dreamed of being a music journalist? Do you read

Rolling Stone

religiously? Have you seen

Almost Famous

one too many times? Do you just like to listen to CDs? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, KSPC has an activity for you.KSPC always needs volunteers to review CDs in order to discover new music to play on our station. If you’ve ever wondered about what kind of music KSPC plays or how KSPC decides what to play, writing a CD review is a great way to find out.Here is how you should begin your new favorite hobby: go down to KSPC (located in Thatcher basement) during the day. Someone in the office will be waiting to help you check out a new CD—in a genre that you enjoy—that KSPC has recently received. This CD could even be from one of your favorite bands. Recently, we needed reviewers for CDs by Langhorne Slim, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and Monotonix.After you have checked out a CD to review, you’ll take it back to your room and listen to your heart’s content. You’ll write a description of each song on the album and a brief overall review. Then, you’ll return it to the KSPC music department and receive another CD. Before you know it, you will have reviewed fifteen CDs, and KSPC will give you a $15 gift card to Rhino Records. Exciting! But more importantly, you might discover a new favorite band. And when you hear a song that you reviewed on the radio, you’ll feel a glimmer of warm golden light deep in your soul, because you helped bring it to the airwaves. So, come seize a moment of music journalism glory at KSPC and find some new songs to play at your parties.

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