5C Threads: John Wick

It's been a while since I've photographed anyone as sharply dressed as John Wick. The styles that I see around the 5Cs run a wide gamut, but it's not very often that I see someone who clothes themselves in more traditional menswear. It may be because it can be seen as stodgy, too professional, or because it goes against an overall trend towards a more casual SoCal vibe. However, John manages to incorporate well-tailored elements into his wardrobe without seeming overdressed. And as my own style somewhat falls into a similar category, I can really appreciate what he's doing with his clothing.

In this particular outfit, there's a nice play between the clean lines of his structured jacket and the unassuming v-neck shirt underneath. Top it off with a crisp pocket square, and the entire outfit falls into place. His interwebs-approved double monks don't hurt one bit, either.

What's most impressive is how John manages to dress so well despite the sartorial difficulties associated with being incredibly tall. He manages to accentuate his height with the slim cut and long lines of his clothing without making himself appear lanky. It's the combination of physical stature and impressive clothing that seem to make his confidence so very fitting.

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