Modern Decor at the New Honnold Café

When you think of the Honnold/Mudd Library, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the thousands of books, the rows upon rows of metal shelves, and, of course, that eerie silence. Luckily for 5-C students, Honnold/Mudd has just opened a new café, located on the first floor of the Honnold Library.The easiest way to get to the café would be to enter through the ground floor door that faces the health center. With that area under construction, however, the door will be inaccessible for at least a few weeks. For now, the best way to get to the café is to enter through the library’s main entrance on the Mudd side of the library (looking at the library complex with your back facing Walker Wall, the Honnold Library is on your left and Mudd is on the right). Take the elevator in the main lobby up to the second floor, then cross the glass bridge into Honnold. In the Honnold library, take the elevator just outside the Founder’s Room to the first floor—that elevator opens up directly into the brand new café.The décor of the café is so different from the rest of the library that it feels like stepping into a different universe. The area does not have that old book smell, even though the open space of the café is adjacent to a row of library stacks. The café has plenty of tables, comfy chairs, and booths. There is a hidden seating area behind the kitchen that would make a great place to study without distractions. Not only is everything extremely new and clean looking, but there are flat-screen TVs all over the place. These screens seem to have no function other than to display pictures of the 5Cs. Unlike the TV screens placed throughout the café, the TVs behind the serving counter display the drink options. The café has all the drinks one would expect, including Caramel Macchiatos, which even the Motley does not have. The café has the same hours as the library, so for students needing a caffeine boost at 12:30 a.m., this is the place to go. For those who prefer not to drink coffee, there are many other kinds of drinks in the café’s refrigerators, including smoothies, sodas, and flavored water. Even more impressive than the drink menu is the food.The glass display is filled with various kinds of delicious-looking bagels, including cranberry, blueberry, raisin, and sesame. The café also offers coffee crumble cake. The cake was not quite Starbucks grade, but would definitely hit the spot if you’re ever in the mood for a sugary breakfast. In addition to bagels and coffee cake, the café also offers an assortment of desserts, including delicious cookies for $1.50 and, for $3.95, an assortment of cheesecakes, tiramisu and a chocolate cake that is moist, rich, fudge-y, and delicious! While $3.95 is a little too much for a college student to spend on a single piece of cake, it is worth it, particularly for a special occasion, like acing your final or surviving 48 hours of uninterrupted studying. For those not in the mood for bagels or dessert, the café also serves wraps and soup.For now, the Honnold Café does not take Flex, only cash or Claremont cash. At the register, however, students have a chance to request that the café change its payment policy. If enough people make the request, Flex may be approved.

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