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Tired of your usual time-wasting Web sites like F My Life or Texts From Last Night? Here are some lesser-known but noteworthy blogs and Web sites to spice up your day.(Warning – some of these sites contain explicit content, just so ya know.)

There, I Fixed It.(

The classic blog featuring hilarious bad-idea home repair jobs. Unfortunately not updated very often, the site features photos sorted into categories such as “Mission Improbable,” “Duct Tape 4Ever,” “Dare to Dream,” and the slightly ominous “DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS.” See plywood and T-shirts put to uses you’ve never thought of before. (For more There, I Fixed It fun, see the article on decked-out dorm rooms on Page 5.)

FOUND Magazine(

FOUND publishes photographs, love letters, memos, shopping lists, and other papers their original owners have unfortunately misplaced—many of which were not meant for the public eye. The great thing about FOUND is that the items can range from a sad break-up letter to a hilarious love letter, including one that reads, “Roses are red, violets are blue, I love your face, and I want to do you.”

FfffoundandEatsleepdraw( and

Ffffound shares pictures actually meant to be seen. It’s a collection of avant-garde photography, drawings, and architecture submitted by the creators and almost universally appealing. Ffffound’s specialty lies in unknown artists. Eatsleepdraw is similar, but only has drawings (hence the name). Both sites are notable for an extremely high proportion of good work.


Tumblr is a multimedia micro-blogging platform. What does that mean? It means you can write as little or as much as you want (take that, 140-character limits!), and just as easily post photos, music, video, and links. You can also choose to follow other “tumblogs,” so their posts pop up on your main page to read easily. It’s also beyond simple to re-blog the genius posts you love from someone else’s page since every post has a re-blog button.

Pandora Radio(

Pandora is free online radio where you can listen to almost anything you want. Just put in the name of an artist or song, or choose one of the pre-made genre stations, and Pandora will play other songs like it. The catch? You can’t choose what song you want. It’s structured as a radio station rather than a play-on-demand site, so you get whatever comes up (though you can skip songs that you don’t like and give them a thumbs-down so they don’t play again). One other bummer is that audio advertising interrupts listening every 15 minutes or so.

Addicting Games(

The name is fairly self-explanatory. There are games, and they are addicting. New games appear daily for when you beat the last game you were addicted to. Unfortunately, the gaming site is loaded with that bane of the Internet, pop-ups.

Homestar Runner(

Here are animations, comics, and mini games suitable for a quick break. The games section is particularly entertaining. For old school fun, try Enchanterman. There are also modern visual games for when you actually want to play. The animations seem to be mostly flash shorts featuring stupid jokes.


After wasting all this time online, you’re probably hungry. You’re craving something just on the tip of your tongue, but can’t quite figure out what. Cookthink can help. Just put in the ingredients you have around (salmon, cheese), or the mood you’re in (romantic, easy-to-clean), or the region you want food from (Mexican, Pacific Rim). Like magic, the site will tell you what you’re craving.

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