Post-Modern Feminism and Dance at Scripps College

At the “Scripps Dances” concert last Fri. and Sat., Apr. 17 and 18, students from all 5Cs performed a variety of student, faculty, and guest-choreographed dance pieces. Choreographers included Sydney Freggiaro SC ‘09 and Julia Cost SC ‘09, who presented their senior thesis pieces. Freggiaro’s contemporary piece was titled “Femme du Marais la Nuit,” meaning “Women of the Night Swamp.” Hanging lanterns and the opening notes of chirping crickets contributed to the swamp aesthetic created by the dancers’ wild hair and wrapped strips of fabric. Freggiaro said, “The main concept of the piece revolves around the idea that even post-modern feminists are aware of and affected by gender stereotypes in our culture.“ The ensemble of ten dancers shouted words as a commentary on post-modern feminism. “It was about the allure of wanting to be a glamazon, but resisting. It was about all the things we take on, drowning ourselves.” Other pieces varied among genres, including tap and post-modern. To see more 5-C student dance performances, Pomona is presenting its spring concert next Thurs.-Sat. Apr. 30-May 2 at 8 p.m.

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