Student Health Magazine Spearheads Wellness Awareness

Assistant Dean of Sally Tiernan Field House Deborah A. Gisvold believes wellness is “a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.” In conjunction with her understanding the strong relationship between health and a student’s academic success, she believes health should be a priority in students’ daily lives.

In September this year, the Gisvold found something unlike she had ever found before: an online magazine focused on health and wellness for collegiate students. The magazine, called Student Health 101, has 2,525 followers on Instagram and has reached nearly a third of the total enrollment at Scripps.

As part of the magazine and Scripps’ partnership, Scripps students that subscribe receive a monthly brief email with different topics that direct students on “how to succeed.” Gisvold said that the goal for the magazine on campus is to have students become the “healthiest they can be from all perspectives.”

Monthly email topics include “Your guide to a mindful morning” and “4 ways to push back on perfection.” Students can also download the mobile app or follow the magazine on Instagram. The magazine is circulated to Scripps students, and links are posted to the Facebook page so anyone can access the articles.

Student Health 101 has nine subdivisions: “Move,” “Feel,” “Eat,” “Learn,” “Overcome,” “Prosper,” “Relate,” “Sleep,” and “Empower.” The final one is titled “Scripps,” and includes Scripps events such as workshops, support groups, and campus specific tips. In addition to its comprehensive approach to wellness, the site has links to wellness apps and podcasts, and highlights contributors in its sidebar.

The mainstream’s current fascination with wellness seems to have only begun to spread to college campuses. Googling “college wellness magazines” reveals a lack of publications. The first two results are from Faith & Fitness Magazine, the third result is a college magazine list titled “Top 10 Colleges for Health and Wellness,” and the rest include wellness magazines that mention college life in a few of their articles.

In tenth place and at the bottom of the page is Student Health 101’s chapter at Ohlone College. This is the first result, underneath American College Health Association, that is a college-specific wellness magazine.

Wellness’s positive correlation with academic success, Scripps’ commitment to student wellness, and mainstream media’s current fascination with the idea of wellness makes The Student Health 101 the trending online magazine at Scripps.

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