Art Walk Through Pomona Arts Colony

Looking for a chance to get off campus and see some local art, but without venturing all the way into LA? You’re in luck—twice a month, the Pomona Arts Colony offers the Pomona Art Walk, a free event that gives visitors a chance to explore the art galleries and other artsy shops in downtown Pomona. Held on the second and last Saturday of every month, the art galleries of downtown Pomona stay open late, showcasing their latest exhibitions well into the evening.

In many ways, the Pomona Art Walk is like one big art show. Each gallery features its latest exhibitions, offers information about its displayed art, and treats visitors to free food and wine. On some occasions, artists will choose to have their opening night during the Art Walk, giving you the chance to meet local artists.

Although there are galleries scattered throughout the downtown area, a majority of the galleries for the Art Walk are located on Second St., giving you the chance to hop from one gallery to the next on foot. And it’s not just about the galleries’ art, but culture in general: in addition to checking out the galleries, you can wander into the book, gift, and vintage clothing shops that stay open late. There is also a small area where local vendors have set up their stalls, selling handmade arts and crafts items. Right next to the vendors, a small stage allows performers to play instruments or recite their poetry for the crowd.

Each gallery that I walked through had something interesting to showcase; however, four stood out among the others. First, there is Sejkouth Fine Art, located on Second St. right next to the large Arts Colony sign. Sejkouth is a small and intimate gallery that is currently showing an exhibition titled “American Vistas,” which features gorgeous landscape photography from artist Dick Oosterheert. Many of the images feature mountains or the famous red arches in Utah. Oosterheert’s shots are definitely unique, as he has an interesting way of playing with angles.

Further down from Sejkouth Fine Arts, you will find Ferguson Fine Arts and Design, an art gallery and a gift shop combined into one. Ferguson Fine Arts and Design features several different artists and doesn’t ascribe to any specific style of art. One of the highlights at Ferguson was a small collection by artist Asia De Vinyl, who uses only glitter to create representations of classic pop icons.

Near the end of Second St., the Cal Poly Pomona Downtown Center is by far one of the biggest galleries of the group. It features everything from acrylic paintings with globs of paint and texture, to thought-provoking short films and book art that utilizes creative plays-on-words. The gallery is made up of several rooms, each devoted to a particular artist or style of art.

Finally, I’d recommend Ink’d Chronicles, a tattoo parlor that features the work of several artists whose preferred canvas is the human body. Currently Ink’d Chronicles is showcasing an exhibition titled “There’s been a Death in the Family,” with work from artists David Cook and Skyler Gonzalez. The great thing about this gallery is that it’s a reminder of just how versatile art can be; something doesn’t necessarily have to be hanging on a wall to be considered “art.”

No matter what kind of art you’re interested in, you can find it at these galleries and others such as Ross’ Ceramics and the Latino Art Museum. There are also several new galleries that will be opening soon. Perhaps the best part of the Pomona Art Walk is that it is constantly changing, as most galleries open new exhibitions every month. Also, the Art Walk gives even a poor college student the chance to buy some original artwork: one gallery had several pieces for $20 or less, perfect for sprucing up your dorm room with something unique.

The next Pomona Art Walk is on Saturday, Apr. 25 from 6-10 p.m. The Arts Colony is located on Second St. in downtown Pomona. For more information on upcoming Art Walks and exhibits visit

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