Review: TV on the Radio at the Glass House

TV on the Radio’s unique brand of alternative rock lit up the Glass House with hip hop, jazz, and electronic influences keeping the audience on its toes Tuesday. They played at the Glass House as part of their tour to promote their latest album, “Dear Science,” released last September.

Following opening acts, TV on the Radio played a short set which made up for its brevity with high energy and renditions of their most popular songs, including nearly every track off of “Dear Science.” Lead vocalist Tunde Adebimpe—in the words of a fellow concertgoer a “more hipster Kanye West”— gesticulated wildly while singing highlights from “Dear Science” including “Halfway Home” and “Dancing Choose”; before the latter, he made an entertaining analogy likening the crowd’s dancing to pogo sticks. His entertaining performance was nearly eclipsed by the horn-heavy instrumentals, with two saxophones and a trumpet player lending a brassy sound to their set. A rousing encore of “Family Tree,” percussion-and-vocals-only “A Method,” and the crowd-pleasing “Staring at the Sun” made for a satisfying finale.

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