Q&A: Facebook Falls in Love with Claremont Crushes

(Elisabeth Lawton • The Student Life)

Who needs Cupid when you have Claremont Crushes?

To counteract awkward social encounters and flat-out rejection without the randomness of Tinder, Bumble, or Grindr, Claremont Crushes provides an anonymous platform where 5C students can praise and profess their infatuations.

But while the page offers an intimate look at 5C students’ personal lives, the story behind the page itself has remained evasive to the public.

TSL got some of the inside scoop during a Facebook conversation with the page’s administrator.

TSL: Could you explain a little about how the Claremont Crushes page was born?

Claremont Crushes: The idea behind Claremont Crushes was to create a space where you could express your thoughts and feelings freely, as long as you’re not intentionally hurting someone else’s feelings.

TSL: What are your hopes, goals, and/or intentions for the Facebook page?

CC: If someone’s day is made just a little bit better, a little bit bright by reading Claremont Crushes, then this page has fulfilled its purpose.

TSL: How long has the page been in existence for?

CC: September, 2016.

TSL: Would you mind sharing how many people are currently running the page? If there is more than one of you, how did you all find each other? How has managing the page been?

CC: Just me.

TSL: What is the story behind the penguins in the profile picture?

CC: Google “I like you a lottle.” I thought it was cute, and captured the spirit of the page quite nicely.

TSL: Have you ever had to withhold/censor certain confessions? If so, how do you determine the standard of omission?

CC: Very few, mostly backhanded compliments. Sometimes I’m not sure, so I try to give the poster the benefit of the doubt by posting their crush and monitoring the “reacts”. If they’re too negative, the post is removed after a couple of hours.

TSL: How many confessions do you receive in an average week? When do you tend to get the most confessions, and do you think there might be a particular reason for that?

CC: About 10, more or less, every day. Weekends tend to receive the most confessions. Midterms and especially finals are surprisingly some of the most active weeks on record. I guess it’s one way to procrastinate or unwind during these trying times.

TSL: Are there any patterns in the kind of confessions that come from each college? Do you know if one of the Claremont Colleges in particular submits the greatest number of confessions?

CC: I really don’t know, since the confessions are anonymous.

TSL: Are you aware of any relationships that have materialized as a result of a confession?

CC: None that I’m aware of.

TSL: Has anything unexpected come about from this page?

CC: Too many to list, but it’s always heartwarming when someone gets a crush, and they reply back.

TSL: Do your friends at the 5Cs know you’re the one who’s started this page or are you completely anonymous?

CC: I’m completely anon for now!

Wanna give a shout-out to a friend or long-time crush? Head to the Claremont Crushes Facebook page for yourself. You never know; there may even be a post about you right now. 

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