Pitzer Student Voice Week Calls for Unity, Expression

On Wednesday, Pitzer College’s Student Voice Week had Interim President Thomas Poon host a Fireside Chat in the Grove House, where students discussed topics of their concern. (Morgan Albrecht • The Student Life)

Pitzer College held its second installment of Student Voice Week, a weeklong speaker series sponsored by the college’s student senate, from Feb. 1 throughout Feb. 5.

The week began with a speech from former California State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez PZ ’97. Nuñez, who served in the Assembly from 2002 to 2008, authored legislation to raise minimum wage and regulate greenhouse gas emissions. In recognition of his accomplishments, he was named “Public Official of the Year” in 2007 and one of the Top 100 Influential Leaders of the Hispanic U.S. in 2009. The audience, which included many student senate members and aspiring politicians, was attentive and enthusiastic. As Nuñez mentioned in his speech, “This is what Pitzer is all about: education with a sense of consciousness.”

As well as touching upon his experience at Pitzer, Nuñez provided commentary on national and global politics, from the Iowa caucus to America’s political image throughout the world.

The theme of student involvement continued with the Spring Club and Activities Fair on Tuesday, during which students were given the opportunity to learn about Pitzer’s myriad of student-run clubs and organizations.

On Wednesday, Interim President Thomas Poon hosted a Fireside Chat in the Grovehouse, where students were invited to share their questions and concerns about the Pitzer community.

Thursday marked the semester’s first Shakedown Sounds, a biweekly event that gives students a chance to share their talents with the community. The performances, which included music, slam poetry, and stand-up comedy, were met with a full house. “Shakedown Sounds is awesome because it provides a small-community atmosphere of support for people who just want to share a part of themselves,” said Sandy Lankireddy PZ ’19, one of the performers. “Where else could you have an experience like this?”

The week came to a close with a painting party on Friday afternoon. Students passing by the Apron, located outside of McConnell, were plied with free canvases and paint upon which they let loose; the final products will be displayed in study rooms throughout the Pitzer campus.

“There are so many opportunities to work and make art and contribute to the community,” said Erin Sullivan PZ ’19. “I love how much Pitzer lends itself to student involvement.” Indeed, the resounding success of this year’s Student Voice Week is a testament to the continued participation of Pitzer students within their community.

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