A Cape For All Occasions

Capes, though they’re the ultimate chic cold-weather clothing, might make the uninformed think of superheroes or vampires. And yes, while vampires and superheroes are quite popular nowadays (Twilight, Green Lantern, Iron Man, anyone?), the fashion cape puts all those costumes to shame.

You might ask, where on earth did this trend come from? Well, for starters, the cape has been around in a variety of forms since before the Middle Ages. It was warm and extremely easy to make—a plus in a time before the glorious sewing machine. Capes have drifted in and out of fashion ever since. Remember in middle school when ponchos (a type of cape) were like totally popular; then they were considered hideous; then Ugly Betty made fun of them, and then all of a sudden, they exploded into an accepted fashion trend? Best. Day. Ever.

No matter what kind of fashion you lean towards, there’s a cape for everyone. Check it out:

The Classic Cape: If pea coats are your calling and you like looking a bit preppy, the Classic Cape is your new best friend. This version often comes in solid or plaid wool and looks extra spiffy if it has a collar. The buttons on the front mimic those of your beloved pea coat. Think Blair Waldorf in the first season of Gossip Girl (the episode when she is ice skating in the park with her dad, to be specific).

The Draped Cape: If you like being comfortable but still stylish, go for the draped cape. Usually made of sweater material or fleecy awesomeness, this version is pretty much a wearable blanket. A publicly acceptable Snuggie, if you will. We all wish we could wear our Snuggie to class and now you can! If these seem too loose and flowy for you, find one with a belt. Voilà, you are gorgeous.

The Military Cape: If your fashion icons include both Michael Jackson and Rihanna, look for a military style cape with parallel buttons up the front. Go for a dark military green or navy to play it safe, or sport a red one to truly let your inner MJ come out. Fun fact: many police all over the world still wear capes when the weather turns nasty.

The Fur Cape: Disclaimer: please avoid real fur. If you love you some faux fur and all its glory, the Fur Cape is a must for your closet. While an entire cape made of fur might be a bit much (but hey, I don’t know your life), a plethora of fur-trimmed ones await your purchase. Beware, fur capes might garner jokes about how Halloween was last month or lots of petting. Watch out.

The Caplet: For those of you who like to dress up, behold! The Caplet! A quasi baby-cape that probably won’t go past your natural waist. Often velvet and satin, and/or covered in embroidery, the Caplet gracefully keeps you warm in the slight California chill but allows you to show off your fancy pants at the same time. Cue Hannah Montana, “Best of Both Worlds.”

Still not convinced? Think about it this way: no matter your fantasy (vampire, superhero, Michael Jackson, Blair Waldorf, et cetera) there is a cape. Guess they really are magical after all.

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