Athenafest Preview

On Nov. 12 from 1-7 p.m., the Athenafest punk rock music festival will be held at Scripps College on Bowling Green Lawn. Athenafest will feature bands from L.A., Orange County, the Inland Empire, and Pomona College. The festival is a benefit concert that will raise money for Rock ‘n Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles, a non-profit organization that empowers girls through music. The camp provides girls with strong female mentorship, teaches them how to play instruments, and allows them to form bands. Scripps Live Arts, a student-run organization that aims to bring more performances to Scripps’s campus, is the main sponsor of the event. Everyone is welcome to attend the concert for free, but the suggested voluntary donation is three dollars.

This is the first time that a festival like Athenafest is being held at Scripps. Lilly Estenson SC ’12, one of the founders of Scripps Live Arts, is the lead organizer of the Athenafest.

“This is something I’ve never done, and something I’ve never seen people do at Scripps… If nothing else it will be kind of novel, ‘Oh there’s a feminist punk festival happening on my campus,’ ” Estenson said. She noticed that Bowling Green Lawn was a great space that could be used more often.

“Let’s just have a festival in the middle of campus that people will notice,” Estenson said.

In putting on Athenafest, Scripps Live Arts hopes to showcase women in music and recognize bands in L.A. that are female-fronted. Estenson decided to partner with Rock ‘n Roll Camp for Girls L.A. after hearing about the national non-profit through her work with KSPC and also after connecting with some volunteers for the camp last spring.

“I thought if I can bring all these awesome local bands, and raise money for this non profit, then why not,” Estenson said.

Aerienne Russell PO ’12 of Fizzy Cola Lip Kiss usually performs as a soloist, but was asked to make a special punk set for Athenafest. Along with Russell, the band is comprised of students Gracie Bialecki PO ’12 (saxophone, rapper), Jane Kassavin PO ’12 (fiddle, vocals, ukulele, rapper), Gabi Guerra PO ’14 (vocals, ukulele, rapper), Natty Spielberg PO ’12 (drums), Evan Hemsley PO ’12 (bass and guitar), and Mitchell Gerrard PO ’12 (guitar).

“We love punk music and women,” said Bialecki of the band’s inspiration to participate in Athenafest.

“I hope that the concert will be a place where I can express my rage regarding the problems of life,” Kassavin added. Russell describes their sound as “a cacophony of angels descending upon a coffin.”

Palm Reader, a band out of Orange County, describes their music as “an acute episode of schizophrenia, except it’s fun.” Palm Reader is especially excited to raise awareness of Rock ‘n Roll Camp for Girls L.A. through the benefit concert.

“We want girls to know that they can rock out! We want guys to know that girls can rock out! We want everyone to rock out!” Palm Reader said.

Also look forward to more events Scripps Live Arts plans on hosting this year.

“Our goal for this year is to try things we’ve never done before… We want to bring in different types of events in different spaces, to reach out to more people and get them excited,” Estenson said.

Athenafest will occur rain or shine. If it rains, the concert will be held in Balch Auditorium at Scripps.

The line up is as follows:

1 p.m.—Fizzy Cola Lip Kiss (Pomona College)

2 p.m.—You, Me, and Us (Inland Empire)

3 p.m.—Palm Reader (Orange County)

4 p.m.—Lazy Mary (Long Beach)

5 p.m.—Cool Moms (Los Angeles) featuring Allison Wolfe of Bratmobile

6 p.m.—Crazy Band (Los Angeles)

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