The Cave Draws Talent for Open Mic

The atmosphere at Claremont Mckenna College's open mic last Friday, Sept. 25 was an intense mix of emotions as people discussed their passions and stories. Those who took tangential approaches to the open mic performed comical pieces about the international student experience, being lost and being found.

The event was held by the CMC Art Council and took place at The Cave, located in the Marks Hall basement at CMC,. It was filled with about 100 students bonding over the music and poetry they performed. Attracting musical and poetic performance of all kinds, the open mic included slam poets who spoke about topics close to the hearts of students. The themes that resurfaced in many poems included police brutality and injustice, sexual inequality, lost love and other conflicts.

Just after he finished performing for a huge audience at the open mic, Dave Saxon CM '16, co-manager of The Cave and drummer for the band Guantanamo Babes said, “We host other bands, our own open mics, and people can use our equipment, and we throw a music festival in March every year at The Cave.”

Saxon’s band performed a thrilling closing piece: three self-composed songs, all of which got the audience up and dancing.

“It was an interesting experience because it was a big venue and I didn't know many people since I’ve been here just for a few weeks,” performer David Brown CM ’19 said.

The night began with honest and heartfelt poems, song dedications, country music and a rock performance. The positive vibes in the room created understanding and personal bonding within the student body, giving many first-years attending the event a sense of community.  The 5Cs are teeming with talent, and it seems The Cave is the place to go to witness it firsthand.

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