Senior Art Exhibitions Showcase Final Thesis Works of Art Majors

Things You Can’t Explain, the annual exhibition of final thesis works produced by graduating studio art majors from Harvey Mudd College and Scripps College, will take place beginning May 1 in Scripps’ Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery. This year’s show will feature the work of Lily Alan SC ’15, Teagan Blain-Rozgay SC ’15, Mabelle Bong SC ’15, Susanna Ferrell SC ’15, Leah Hughes SC ’15, Haley Ross SC ’15, Seana Rothman SC ’15 and Allison Schubauer HM ’15. According to Alan, the show has no unifying theme and was difficult to name as a consequence. The artists had different visions for their pieces and worked with a variety of materials. “My project was inspired by the word ‘interior’ as it can describe physical space as well as a sense of self,” Alan wrote in a message to TSL. “I created six sculptural forms that are shown in the gallery suspended from the ceiling. The idea is that viewers will place their heads inside the forms and look out through peepholes in order to feel a heightened sense of selfhood within an enclosed interior space. Looking outward to feel inward.”  Things You Can’t Explain will run through May 16. Pomona College’s senior art exhibition, SCANTRON, features works by Kulsa Ebrahim PO ’15, Elicia Epstein PO ’15, Yuqiao Guo PO ’15, Nissa Gustafson PO ’15, Karen Herrera PO ’15, Charles Nible PO ’15 and Isa Terrell PO ’15. Terrell wrote in a message to TSL that she had created three pieces with the common theme of “humor (in horror) with a lot of fun injected in.” The exhibition will run through May 17 at the Pomona College Studio Art Building. Pitzer College’s senior art show, NINE, includes pieces by Adrian Brandon PZ ’15, Cameron Carr PZ ’15, Raz Krog PZ ’15, Rocio Medina PZ ’15, Leah Pomerantz PZ ’15, Ari Saperstein PZ ’15, Leonard Schlor PZ ’15, Dan Stranahan PZ ’15 and Alyssa Woodward PZ ’15. Schlor created an installation called Intimacies, which consists of five video projections. “Intimacies is a processing of my own experiences of maneuvering relationship [im]balance, love, and lovelessness,” Schlor wrote in a message to TSL. NINE will run until May 16 at the Nichols and Lenzner galleries.  

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