A Game of Closets: Taking Fashion Advice from the Heroines of the HBO Drama

Game of Thrones offers a great
many visual pleasures, as well as intrigue, bloody weddings and fleeting sights
of breathtaking dragons.
What you might not notice in the throes of the show’s vivid, action-packed imagery are the fashion choices of some of the
leading ladies of Game of Thrones. 

There are a great many fashion lessons to be
learned while tuning in on Sunday nights. Style guidance might not seem likely, but trust me on this. If you walk away from the Wall and head south, there
are many stylistic treasures to uncover.

Cersei, Daenerys, Margaery: what do these four women have in common? Each of these characters offers a
lesson in the power of dressing for your body and, more importantly, your
personality. The four women exude power, courage and control, in part
because they are serious badasses who are constantly thwarting male domination
and medieval patriarchy. 

But they also are able to exude badassery as a result of
the clothes they wear. You’ve most likely heard the common saying, “The clothes
make the man.” For the women in Game of Thrones, the clothes don’t just
make the woman; they help her rule kingdoms, slay foes and plot killer coups, all while looking fierce and remaining distinctively herself. 

words of House Tyrell’s are “growing strong,” and Margaery Tyrell, the newest
queen in King’s Landing, is doing just that. She is effortlessly charming, but under that
sweet veneer is a smart, calculating and somewhat conniving woman who is
willing to keep House Tyrell on the Iron Throne. 

signature color is blue. Blue hues play wonderfully off of her auburn hair and eye color. Not everyone can possess the courage to take down Cersei Lannister, but everyone can follow Margaery’s lead on a color scheme. Finding a signature color can do more than just boost your morale. A color that plays well off of your skin tone and hair coloring can do wonders for your overall complexion, as it brightens your face and gives it an overall glow.

with the color blue, Margaery’s style calling card is the art of the cut-out.
The new queen likes to show a little bit of skin. Backless dresses are preferred, and Margaery knows that a little cleavage never hurt anyone. 

Stark is an insanely bold teenager with a serious knack for wielding a sword.
Arya was never one for dresses, and she prefers to dress in pants and tunics with muted color schemes. We may not share a sense of style, but I
have to commend her for staying true to herself. 

Arya’s dress sense reflects the the pleasure in sticking to what you like. Dressing should be something you do
to make yourself happy. Other people’s opinions are secondary at best. If your
sense of style leans more towards the masculine, embrace it! 

is hard to love a woman like Cersei Lannister, but you do have to give credit
where credit is due. Cersei is a powerful and intelligent woman. Just the sound of her name can make a man quake with fear. 

Cersei is
vicious and tempestuous, so it’s not surprising that her signature color is red.
The color red is an ode to House Lannister and all its glory, but it also
symbolizes Cersei’s thirst for power. The color red is often associated with
authority and sensuality, and it is quite obvious that Cersei has an unquenchable
thirst for power. 

Queen Cersei cannot show as much skin as Daenerys and
Margaery, but she makes up for this with her on-point jewelry selection. Another key accessory is her ever-full wine glass (I’m not
suggesting you add this to your own accessory cache). 

Take a page from Cersei’s handbook on confidence. Dress for success: learn the cuts,
patterns, and materials that best suit your body, and use them to your full
advantage. I can’t promise you a queendom, but I can promise that you will look
and feel like a queen.

but not least in this fashion game is Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons and elegance. Except for her tragic Dothraki princess period (everyone
goes through a trial-and-error period), Daenerys has never let her style get in the way of conquering opponents and freeing millions from slavery. She
is the master of ruling kingdoms and staying ahead of the medieval haute
couture gang. 

If Daenerys ever makes it back to King’s Landing, a fight may
break out between her and Margaery over the color blue. Blue seems to be a
favorite of the Mother of Dragons, but she also knows the benefits of variety
and has been known to throw in some shades of gold, white and silver into her

Her dresses are always beautifully structured and fitted; it is
amazing what a little tailoring can do. While we can’t always wear dragons as
accessories, we can all try and emulate the beautiful braids that Dany rocks. I
don’t know who will eventually win the game of thrones, but I do know that
Cersei, Margaery, Arya and Daenerys are all masters of the fashion game. 

Chabrina Bruno PO ’15 is a religious studies major with a minor in studio art. She loves to collect vintage clothing and jewelry. 

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