Art After Hours Becomes Horror Movie Set

On a dark Thursday night at Pomona’s Museum of Art, students covered in scars and fake blood swarmed. If it sounds like a scene from a horror movie, that’s because it was. Last week’s Art After Hours was co-hosted by the club Studio 47, which helped people live their dream of starring in a film—even if the film was only five seconds long.

Studio 47 provided Flip cameras and props, including skeletons, face paint, scar putty, fake blood, party hats, and costumes, “so people could make short, fun films, maybe Halloween-style if they want,” said Studio 47 General Manager Jenny McCartney PO ’12. Another club member, Chloe Webster PO ’14, helped a woman make a video of herself singing Whitney Houston songs.

Studio 47 encouraged participants to submit their films to the upcoming 5-Second Film Festival which Studio 47 is hosting on Dec. 1 in the basement of Clark V.

“We’re asking people to do short, fun films in the five-second film website style, but if people want to do films up to a minute or even beyond, that’s probably acceptable,” McCartney said.

Ellie McElvain SC ’14 and Ari Mygatt PO ’13 collaborated to create a short film they submitted to the film festival. McElvain, dressed as former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, and Mygatt, dressed as a cub scout, said their film is “up for interpretation.” Mygatt plays a relative of Albright, possibly a little brother or a child, who reunites with Albright when she returns from college.

“No giveaways, but we hug at the end,” Mygatt said.

As well as the upcoming short film festival, Studio 47 hosts workshops, event screenings, and a large student film festival in the spring, in addition to renting out equipment year-round.

“We really want to create spaces for students who make films but aren’t necessarily in a production class to show their things, connect with each other, and get feedback,” McCartney said.

In addition to Studio 47’s festivities, Art After Hours also included their customary mini canvas-painting table, snacks, and live music. This week Evan Hemsley PO ’12 performed.

“I got started [DJing] in high school with a buddy of mine,” Hemsley said. “In college, I got here and started doing stuff at Table Manners.” Hemsley says the atmosphere at Art After Hours, where he had performed once before as part of a band, is much different than that at Table Manners.

“I see this more as a performance space, and that enables you to do different things,” Hemsley said. “When you’re a DJ, if people don’t like the music you’re playing, you suck.”

Art After Hours takes place every Thursday night from 5-11 p.m. outside Pomona’s Museum of Art.

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