5C Bands Battle for Kohoutek Spots

Ten different
bands comprised of 5C students performed March 6 at Pitzer College’s Battle of the Bands, an annual event put on by the Kohoutek Music & Arts Festival. In order of performance, the
bands included Not! Jorf’s Egg?, Tassos Bareiss, Quesadilla Centrifuge, Dan’s Band,
Dylan Baker, Frak, Migeul Pulido, Beyonde, Nafets and The Edgar Allen
Pornstars.  Four of these ten bands will
be chosen to perform at the Kohoutek Festival on the weekend of April 23-24. “Technically
it was a competition, but it didn’t feel like a competition,” Leyla Akay
PO ’18 said. Akay attended the event with her friend Phoebe Kaufman PO ’18. “It was really fun,” Kaufman said. “It
was just one of those ridiculous Pitzer nights.” The event was as enjoyable for the performers as it was for the audience, according to Wes Haas PO’15. Haas’ band, The Edgar Allen Pornstars, was chosen to play at Kohoutek. “It was one of the most fun gigs I’ve ever
played,” he said.

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