Record Sales as KSPC Expo Turns 20

Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, Wu Tang, Cheech and Chong, Led Zeppelin and hundreds more—all the records of all the greats in one place in Pomona College’s Edmunds Ballroom Feb. 8. KSPC 88.7 FM, a radio station based in Pomona College, hosted the 20th anniversary of its CD & Record Expo.

A mixture of 5C students, students from other California colleges and Claremont residents crowded the tables, exchanging just a few bucks for their favorite Beatles record or Drake CD.

Vendors from all across the country sold small music collections for less than $10 and a hodgepodge of other music-related items. Items like South Park DVDs, The Lion King 1 1/2, Pepsi commercials from the 1950s, CD cases, sunglasses, posters and even Girl Scout Cookies filled the tables.

Jenny Muñez PO ’15 heard about the event from Chirps, the weekly Pomona event email. 

“I don’t really come looking for a specific artist,” she said. “I get a little bit of everything. If I like the cover, I take it home.”

Kyle Beltran, a student at Citrus College (10 miles from Claremont), attended with his family after hearing about the event on the radio.

“I’m more into new school punk, but I found a Kiss album over there that I should probably go back and get,” he said. 

The Expo began in 1995 when students were interested in creating a compilation album of recordings of bands that had played live at the station.

“There was no way [they] were going to be able to pay for those records to be pressed just from student fee money,” KSPC Director Erica Tyron SC ’92 said. “So that was really the main motivation behind the fundraiser.”

That year, they produced the first compilation album, and over the years, put out two more. Now, the Expo serves as KSPC’s main fundraiser, working to fund the operation of the station, bring in artists for on-campus concerts and allow DJs to attend college radio conferences.

DJ Iman Salty SC ’17 works as the Volunteer Coordinator on the Executive Staff for KSPC. She hopes to help the station overcome a lack of equal representation across the 5Cs.

“Since it’s based at Pomona, a lot of our executive staff end up being from Pomona,” Salty said. “We want to accumulate more people from CMC and Mudd, especially.” 

One way KSPC increases its presence on the 5C campuses is by hosting ‘blowouts’ a few times each semester, which are concert events featuring live bands. There are also plans to bring the mobile DJ unit out to different campuses to blast music and hand out KSPC buttons and flyers. All upcoming events can be found on the Facebook page titled: KSPC radio station. 

Even if you are not a music junkie, KSPC offers many opportunities to students with main interests other than music. 

“You don’t have to just learn how to be a DJ or do music reviews,” Salty said. “You could have a talk show or host interviews on your own. You could write public service announcements and DJs will read them on the air. Anyone can join.”

Salty stressed that the radio station is a great place for all to come and expand their musical and radio interests. 

“It’s a really rare opportunity for students to be able to go to one place where there’s just this huge variety of music,” Salty said. “It’s like eBay at your fingertips.” 

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