Bored at Harwood? Weve Got You Covered: Thinking Games to Make This Costumed Dance Stick Out from All the Rest

You’re pretty sure that the DJ has used the same base beat for the last three songs. You’re dressed as a worm, so you actually only have one dance move. You realize that you only wanted to dance with the person in the coffee mug costume so that you could say you were on “Dancing with the Starbucks”. All of these setups could lead to boredom during the upcoming Harwood Halloween, and on this hallowed-ween, we hardly wood want to be board.

Fear not, for I have three fallbacks to insure Harwood Halloween at least stands out from the rest of college dances. People are know to play games pre and post dances, so why not during? When the ritual of the dance all looks the same, pick your favorite of these three games.

Game 1: Scategories. Someone picks a letter. Each player tries to find as many costumes starting with the letter before the song ends. Use some of the creativity you said you had in your college app. For example, the letter is “P” and you see a nurse and a surgeon grinding. Well scrap medical specifics and call it a “paradox”. Unless you dress as a sticky-note, this is a memory game.

Game 2: Musical Snares. This game only works when the dance gets to the “worryingly crowded” stage. Pick a target destination at the other side of the riling masses, and see if you can reach it before your partner does or before the next song. Being a jerk and failing to survive is not allowed.

Game 3: Nail the pin on the donkey. This game requires teams and clothespins. Each team picks a target, preferably someone dressed as a cloven-hoofed animal. Try to attach more clothespins to your target than the opposing team has attached to the their target. Each team can move clothespins from person to person but only one at a time. The game ends at a time limit or if a target notices that he or she is being touched by more people than usual in strange ways.

If you dance the night away in complete satisfaction, then izzats to you, my friend. However, if you find yourself feeling apathetic, now you have more than a magic ring in your pocket, Bilbo Baggins. You have an arsenal of activities awaiting your attention.

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