Music at the Motley: Scripps Live Arts and KSPC Present Proper Proportions and Luna is Honey

Students of the Claremont Colleges had a wild time at Music at the Motley, presented by Scripps Live Arts and KSPC Oct. 22. Scripps Live Arts is a club that focuses on bringing cool music groups to the 5Cs and on exposing students to a various kinds of music.

Proper Portions, a band of Pitzer students, opened the event with their folk rock sound influenced by Bright Eyes and Iron and Wine. By the end of Proper Portion’s opening song, everyone was up on their feet jumping and swaying. During one of the songs in their set, lead vocalist Jack Higgins sang out, “I am naked on the inside…” and students were encouraged to take off their clothes. Soon enough many students were topless, dancing enthusiastically around the band.

Proper Portions was followed by Luna is Honey, a rock band from L.A. Ella Dwyer SC’15, who organized Music at the Motley, decided to contact the band to play at the Motley after reviewing the band’s recent album “Sex Museum” as a KSPC volunteer. Dwyer expressed her disappointment at the fact that many students had left before they could enjoy Luna is Honey’s set.

“I feel like it’s part of the cycle that happens here on the 5Cs… the event never starts, because everybody is so worried about being the only people there,” Dwyer said. Nevertheless, the band played a remarkable set and impressed with their guitar and drum solos. Dwyer described their sound as “garage-y with sort of psychedelic influences as well.” The band claimed that their latest album was conceived as “Prince covers that never existed.” Dwyer said of the music, “Like the overtly sexual lyrics, and they are hard to hear, but if you do listen to them, it’s amusing. There are sex noises on one song that just go on and on and on.”

Scripps Live Arts also plans on hosting an open mic night, and in November, they plan to have Emily Wells come to play live music. Scripps Live Arts is also planning a literary event where members of the Claremont Colleges community will be able perform spoken word poetry or read sections from fiction or essays. All events sponsored by Scripps Live Arts are free. Members also participate in other activities, such as mix CD swaps, where members create playlists according to a theme and trade the CD mixes.

“My theme was ‘songs to listen to while putting on red lipstick,’ and the one I got was ‘lying on our backs looking at the clouds,'” said Dwyer. According to Dwyer, another swap is likely to be scheduled in November. For those interested in learning more about the club and future events, visit

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